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Last Friday

Last Friday would have been a nice twist to my “Five on Friday” series that I’ve been doing regularly irregular. I was gonna title my post “March 5 on Friday” as a reference to my birthday, and it would have been one of my better birthday entries. I guess this will do as my belated […]

Thirty Years Ago

It was thirty years ago when the world’s greatest mother endured 28 hours of labor before finally going through C–section. After some time certainly not as long as the waiting before that, I caught my first breath of life. Thirty years after, I can’t be any more grateful for everything. Everything. This day ranks as […]

Another year…

I just found out I rarely write about my birthday on my birthday, and of the three references to this event on this weblog, only one was actually written on the exact date. And it didn’t make much sense, much like this one. On the eve of my 28th year of existence, we were just […]

My birthday wish

Dear credit card companies, Please stop calling and getting my personal details for your credit card applications. More importantly, please don’t tell me I’ve been pre–approved only to deny me after a few weeks. Please take pity on my poor self-esteem. My friend Joey has explained this before, and unless you give me a card […]

An attempt at redesign

I’ve been working on tapsiLOG for the past few weeks trying to get it working by my birthday. Today’s my birthday. 🙂        The coverphoto at the top is randomly chosen, as well as the galleries on the left. The links on the leftmost section still needs some updating, maybe tomorrow. Leave me […]