Driver’s license renewal and getting off the calendar

New driver's license.

Yesterday, I got my driver’s license renewed just in time for today’s deadline. It took just around thirty minutes, all in the comfort of a shopping mall. Wonderful.

And then I realized that as of today, I’m officially off the non–leap year February calendar, if you know what I mean. How fast time flies.

The thing about birthdays, it’s a time for reflection that we age like a linear function, yet the number of friends we keep grow exponentially. Thank God for good friends and family.

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  1. Tsktsk, vital information out in the open! If siraulo lang ako, I would have copied the info, create a fake ID and pretend as Markku Seguerra. 😛 (but of course, I wont do that.)

  2. heh hop yours doesn’t smudge off like mine. I’m always afraid that someone will think my drivers license is fake because it’s all smudged up. I guess the ink they used isnt very good.

  3. @Riz: As if you don’t hand over your driver’s license to just any village guard who could easily snap a picture of it, or your credit card to a waiter when paying at a restaurant. Di ba? 😉

    @jayvee: Thanks sa pagpunta mo bro!

    @Ryan: I heard several batches of local driver’s licenses had this problem and you can have it replaced at the LTO at no charge. 🙂

    @jennL Uy salamat! 🙂

    @Eugene: Thanks bro, next time! 🙂

    @Juned: Thanks ulit. 🙂

    @hana: Thanks pangga, ang sweet mo naman. Love you. 🙂

    @Raych: Haha, thanks! 🙂

  4. pre, belated happy birthday!!! 🙂

    i tried sending you a text message yesterday, but it seems you’re not using the new number you started using when you lost your phone. anyway, yun lang. sayang wala ako sa party mo (meron ba?).

    miss na kita pre. :p

  5. @jonas: Oi pare, tnx. Wala na yung number na yun, dun ka sa bagong number ko mag-txt. 😉

    Ang mushy mo naman. Hehehe.

    @carlo: Thanks pare. Welcome back to Pop Ratio, sikat na utol mo eh. Hehehe. Pasalubong ko ha! 🙂

    @erman: Thanks! Wow, taga–Kapitolyo ka rin ba? Saan? 🙂 Long time no see na ah.

  6. Huli man daw at magaling, huli na talaga. Ngayon ko lang nalaman, four days lang pala ang tanda ko sa ‘yo. At oo, ngayong taon na lang tayo puwede sa YoungBlood ng Inquirer. :p

  7. Markku! I came upon your site by accident (link from some other site). You have your own company na pala. Naks! Belated happy birthday!


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