My birthday wish

Credit card application denial notices.

Dear credit card companies,

Please stop calling and getting my personal details for your credit card applications. More importantly, please don’t tell me I’ve been pre–approved only to deny me after a few weeks. Please take pity on my poor self-esteem. My friend Joey has explained this before, and unless you give me a card with a 50k (or more) credit limit, please don’t bother calling taking away precious minutes of my busy life.

I wish they’d give me that. Just for my birthday. Btw, Anne was so sweet she surprised me with an entry for my birthday. Yes, today’s my birthday. 🙂

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  1. oist, belated kuku..

    sencia na kung super late. ngayon lang ako nagka-connection eh. uwi nga pala ako ng april 2. two weeks lang stay jan. basketball ha! 😀


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