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Tomorrow begins…

… a new chapter in Philippine history. June 30, 2022 is the start of a Marcos presidency that has surprised people around the world. What country would elect the son of a dictator who ruled with impunity? Who would elect a man who refused to attend any credible debate during the campaign period, has had […]

The toaster fucker problem

I was reading this interesting article on people who don’t tweet or engage in social media, and this comment led me to another comment from an older submission, discussing the toaster fucker problem: I blame the internet. Back in the days before it, we had to learn to live with those around us, now you […]

Marcos, never again!

Should you vote for Bongbong Marcos? This is a question that many Filipinos sadly cannot answer with conviction (pun intended?). More than 30 years since their ouster, it seems those who didn’t suffer through Martial Law find it easy to buy into the propaganda that it wasn’t that bad—and maybe it was even a golden […]

Statement: Bloggers for Freedom

We concerned Filipino bloggers stand for the rights to free expression and to free speech. And our first responsibility is to protect these rights. We thus stand with Rappler, its right to exist, the rights of its working journalists and contributors, and the rights of its community of readers. We stand against moves to silence […]

I have a dream

On Monday, join the Million People March to express your disgust on the pork barrel scam. A straightforward solution to this mess will not come easy, but the collective disappointment of a million people sends a clear message—this has got to stop. Monday, the 26th of August—is National Heroes Day. A great day to be […]

11.23.09: Never Forget

I’ve yet to mention on this blog (because I don’t blog!) that I’ve been working for the PCIJ for several months now, handling web–related matters and other tech–related things. It took me time to finally join one of our beyond–the–office activities, and this was it—the second year anniversary of the Maguindanao Massacre. It was also […]