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Five on Friday: Inspirational Books

Continuing the “Five on Friday” series I started last week, I’m doing a list of inspirational fiction that are I keep on remembering and re–reading no matter what other books I come across. In this installment of the series, we’re talking happier thoughts instead, just as Karla, Aileen, and Amanda suggested. Drama is so over–rated. […]

Got a secret?

If you like the weblog, you’re gonna love the book. A friend just bought a copy of the recently released PostSecret book through and had it shipped directly to Manila, all for less than 30 dollars. A good price, if you pretend that the shipping cost wasn’t almost half of the price you paid. […]

PHP5 eBook!

A great number of WordPress users are actually PHP hackers, so this ebook download should be of great interest to us. This is focused on PHP5, though a lot would still apply for PHP4 users. By the way, if you really want to code in PHP, you shouldn’t be without the great documentation, I personally […]

Mobile ebooks

I’ve just converted “Siddhartha – An Indian Tale” to Isilo and Plucker formats. Good read while you’re on the road with nothing to do. Of course I didn’t mean while driving.     I’ve been into collecting palm ebooks for the past few months, yet I haven’t really read most of them. I think I […]