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They grow up so fast…

I’ve basically neglected this blog for the past few years, but if you’ve been here a few times you would have noticed that the theme and functionality actually evolves, but not much for the content. So I’ll just share a thing or two and see what happens.

The son turns 1

A year ago today, the heavens blessed us with our first baby. Life took on a dramatic turn, literally and figuratively. Every little twist and bump in our journey took on a different meaning—your first child magnifies and highlights only what is truly important. In a few years time, our boy might read this blog […]

Now I understand

Welcome to the world, Elijah Mikku! Our little boy was born April 12. Since then, life has taken on a brighter color. It has been challenging yet definitely fun. Sleep deprivation and fatigue (especially for my wife Hana) has exposed hidden facets of our personalities—both good and bad. Yet a split-second smile from our baby […]