Now I understand


Welcome to the world, Elijah Mikku!

Our little boy was born April 12. Since then, life has taken on a brighter color. It has been challenging yet definitely fun. Sleep deprivation and fatigue (especially for my wife Hana) has exposed hidden facets of our personalities—both good and bad. Yet a split-second smile from our baby puts things in a grander perspective—we wouldn’t want this life any other way. 🙂


Older folks often tell us: nothing in life prepares you for this. Now I understand. Every little thing I used to worry about somehow feels superficial—maybe for the time being; now I truly know one priority I can never take for granted for the rest of my life.


I recall the crazy things I’ve done back when I was much younger, the ones that had my parents worrying beyond reason. I sometimes thought it was funny and unnecessary when my mother would confront me for coming home from school much later than expected. Now I understand.


I used to always view the world through my self-righteous and condescending frame of mind. But maybe my eyes were just wide shut, unable to see beyond my periphery. Maybe now, with my own child close to my heart, I’ll be able to truly take in the view. And love everything as it is. Maybe now I understand.


(The little boy now has his own blog, but these photos are from this photoset.)

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