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Juned tagged me for this ongoing meme for University of the Philippines grads, so I expect Joey, Mic, Brymac, Jonas, Mida, Ederic, Jaemark, and Mimi & Karl to do this after me. UP Survey Maligayang ika-100 taon, mga Iskolar ng Bayan! Student number? 96-05576. Shet, lagpas 10 years ago na pala yun! College? Engineering. So […]

Your Soul’s Music

Before I miss writing a Christmas eve or Christmas day entry, I’ll catch up with a few things I should’ve done a long time ago. I’ve got two meme tags from Aileen, so I better start with the first one: Take a screen shot of either your Top 25 Most Played / 25 Recently Played […]

Feels Great to be Pinoy

Rico tagged me exactly a month ago and I made sure I waited long enough before writing my share, in the great tradition of this weblog. I can’t just break my history of writing stale entries, I need to respect my readers’ expectations on how my content is delivered — sweet, crammed, and very late. […]

Only in the Philippines!

Got this postcard from Juned when we were at his house last Saturday, a somewhat disturbing gag/parody photo of what the Philippines really was, about a hundred years ago. Shouldn’t we be thankful for the independence and liberty that we have today? Sadly, the practice of moving holidays to lengthen weekends and promote domestic spending […]