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[Postcard] Executioner at the turn of the century. Philippines.

Got this postcard from Juned when we were at his house last Saturday, a somewhat disturbing gag/parody photo of what the Philippines really was, about a hundred years ago. Shouldn’t we be thankful for the independence and liberty that we have today?

Sadly, the practice of moving holidays to lengthen weekends and promote domestic spending has dampened our celebration for some of our most important milestones as a nation. Though sometimes beneficial, our June 12 Independence Day shouldn’t be among those relegated to become just another extra day for weekend shopping. I guess it’s a clear manifestation of how our current leaders respect and value our great history. Sad.

But instead of whining about this, let’s have a meme instead! This one’s starting from six blogs (here, Juned’s, Joey’s, Jayvee’s, Gail’s, Marc’s), let’s see where it takes us. So here’s how it works:

  1. Download the scanned front (@800px, @500px) and back (@800px, @500px) of this postcard and resize to fit your blog.
  2. Put some sense into this very old postcard by adding some text. It can be serious, it can be funny. Anything goes!
  3. Title of the entry should be Only in the Philippines!
  4. Share the love and tag five other proud Filipinos.

So I’m tagging: Diong, Karla, Anton, Mic, and BryMac. While you’re at it, why don’t you do a “who tagged who” tree? Just so we could see how many generations this meme could hold. Multi–level marketing? Just a thought though, not a requirement. 😉

Happy Independence Day!

Baywalk. Flag. Sunset.

Baywalk at night.

11 Responses

  1. Dami na foreigners sa Pinas! Adik sila sa bansa naten. LOL.

    Hey you know what’s great? I-compile nyo ung mga “post card” images na ginawa ng mga Filipino bloggers at i-post somewhere, hehehe.

  2. Joni, oo nga, gustong–gusto nila ang Pilipinas. Tayo lang naman ang mahilig mag-Amerika eh! Hehehe. Basta ako dito lang ako. 🙂

    Yeah, that would be great, compile natin! I think I have the right domain for that now, nabili ko just a few weeks ago. 😉

  3. At first I didn’t notice na execution pala yun…when I looked the second time natawa ako. Haha although it IS kind of morbid…pero nakakatawa kasi maiisip mo, “Oo nga ano! Mga taong to sa likod, nagpose pa!”

    Riz tagged me, and I just posted mine. Hahaha ng saya makakita ng mga ganito. =))

  4. Haha. Onga! Combine them! Tapos find more unique and funny postcards that depict Filipino culture and make more memes! Better yet, make a groupblog out of it or something. Mala Who knows, when we finally have collected enough, someone might actually take interest in publishing it to a book too.

    Gah. But okay, that’s me dreaming the impossible. Hehe. (Then again, after the “success” of this meme, I cant see why Filipno bloggers can all come up with similar fun projects. 🙂

  5. @Joel: It was in Juned’s house and he got lots of them at a bargain sale, I bet they didn’t sell well commercially cosidering the gory parody.

    @Mic: Adik tayong lahat sa mga meme ngayon. Hehehe.

    @Tina: Pinoy lang yata ang natatawa sa ganitong mga klase ng patawa eh. 😉

    @Riz: Book project? Cool! Pwede. Hmmm. 😉

    @Diong: Yeah, nakita ko yung sayo pre. Ganda ng mga photos mo! Puro photos ka na ah, wala na munang paintings? 😉

    @Mida: Thanks! You like ’em water scenes, right? We can use some of them for your site, if you want. 🙂

  7. Wow! Great job guys! Those were very nice postcards. The real beauty of your country can be seen with those images. Really, I’ve heard that there are lots of tourists in Philippines. Not only because of the beauties of Filipinas but the people themselves are really friendly and hospitable they say. Looking forward to visiting your country soon guys. Great job!


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