This is the archive page for November 2003

Page and Brin’s Blog

Larry Page and Sergey Brin of the–site–called–google now have their own weblog. It actually is several months old, but with posts only every few weeks. Fun, straightforward thoughts from the creators of the web’s most famous search engine. They don’t have permalinks yet, so just check out the post for February 15, 2003.

Patterns for Personal Web Sites

Patterns for Personal Web Sites is a useful resource that would greatly benefit this site as well as countless other personal sites that fail to adhere to some simple guidelines for increased usability. Some site changes: the weblog archives is now available as a separate page, and I managed to squeeze in some hacks to […]

Remember the Alamo

In a great show of boxing power, fellow Filipino Manny Pacquiao defeated Mexico’s Marco Antonio Barrera in the 11th round of their non–title featherweight bout at the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas. The Filipino southpaw dominated his opponent in what was supposed to be an interesting fight in Barrera’s favor, with odds–makers pegging the Mexican […]

IE 5 + 5.5 + 6

sidesh0w notes someone’s discovery on how to run IE 5, 5.5 and 6 side–by–side on Windows XP. And this is without the cumbersome use of multiple partitions and operating systems. Not even VMWare. This is a godsend for web designers around the world. To keep things simple, zips the necessary files and shares them […]


A possible explanation why The Matrix Revolutions turned out to be the biggest disappointment in recent memory. But throw away your worries, the good guys will save the day.

There is no revolution

Or something to that effect. My band was supposed to have a jam for a gig tonight but had to wait for our bassist, so we decided to catch the very first screening of The Matrix Revolutions. We barely made it to the 10pm screening, and we had to sit by the aisle/stairs because all […]