Remember the Alamo

In a great show of boxing power, fellow Filipino Manny Pacquiao defeated Mexico’s Marco Antonio Barrera in the 11th round of their non–title featherweight bout at the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas. The Filipino southpaw dominated his opponent in what was supposed to be an interesting fight in Barrera’s favor, with odds–makers pegging the Mexican as the 4–1 favorite.

An accidental trip saw Pacquiao fall down early in the first round, but the fight referee gave a mandatory 8–count, a decision that was questioned by several commentators. Pacquiao recovered and displayed great punching power and speed, which resulted in a knockdown in the third round after a series of strong punches to the Mexican’s head and body. After several rounds, Barrera showed signs of clear weakness as he struggled with bleeding cuts on both sides of his face. The 11th round was finally the last for the Mexican after failing to dodge several strong punches and combinations, which resulted in his corner throwing in the towel to stop the fight.

As of this writing, only ABS–CBNNEWS.COM has other details on the fight, which mentions that one of the three judges had Barrera leading 97–89, with the other two in favor of Pacquiao to a score of 97–90. A very interesting scoreline for what was clearly a losing effort from Barrera.
A proud day for Filipinos worldwide.

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