With a smile

It’s that time again. I have a river of ideas yearning to break free, but I’m too pre-occupied with daily matters that I wish I could just get them out of the way. I’m doing some markup optimizations on the side for an online magazine, and I’m shamefully delayed in gettings things done — sorry. I still do my rounds and *try* to read my favorite weblogs, but the only thing I’m trying to religiously follow is best summed up with these little blocks of information:

I’m dying to write about “the girl” and the way I feel right now, but that’s better said in a heartily–composed, well–written entry. At the right time. Yes, I’m now living life with a smile. Take it as literally as it is, and just as my friends often say these days, stop worrying too much about the future and just live in the moment.

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  1. http://angela.whapak.com/index.php?p=124
  2. ang konti kasi ng oras no?
    ur so ryt abt people in love saying d corniest lines. & guys can be that emotiona & sensitive din pala. nakakaaliw!

  3. can’t help but smile for you too my friend. have a happy journey you markku.

    p.s. pag na fix ko na blog ko, lulunurin din kita sa kakornihan tulad ng ginagawa ng blogs niyo sa kin.

  4. pre, kinikilig naman ako dun sa dalawa (ung kay joey) heheh

    putik sana anjan din ako para makasama ako sa ilokos.

    pre, basta if you need anything, kahit malayo ako, andito lang kame sa iyo. i’m truly happy for you bro.

  5. haaay.. inalaban na.. oist markku post mo yung inlab entry mo ha. madaming naghihintay.

    sayson inlab ka din? haha panahon na nga..

  6. mrdl, tama ka, laging kulang ang oras para mahalin ang lahat ng dapat mahalin.

    rowena thanks. I can’t wait to see your blog! Let me know when it’s ready.

    delish, tapos na? Si joey tapos na. Ako… basta masaya ako ngayon, ganun na lang muna. Masaya sa mga hiwaga ng buhay.

    sherwin, wag mo na kami intindihin dito, alam namin busy ka dyan. Hahaha πŸ˜‰

    joey, hopefully soon, sa awa ng Diyos aabot din tayo dyan. “Things fall into place when their destined to.” I’m sure you believe that with all your heart. πŸ™‚

  7. nothing ever beats walking around with a smile because of someone. its like a little secret that you cant wait to share to evreryone.

    revel in the moment πŸ™‚

  8. reminds me of eraserheads “with a smile”…

    “now it’s time to kiss away those tears goodbye…
    let me hear you sing it….to do doo doo”

    kai? kita mo na ba to? la lang, kapangalan mo kasi πŸ™‚

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