December 25

  • Zyklon loop.
  • Can't remember this ride's name!
  • Again, can't remember this ride's name!
  • Ferris wheel.

Hey, I want a post for December 25. I’ll edit in a few minutes. 😉

I’ve been wanting to write something nice for Christmas day, but with a 4–day weekend, almost anything can happen just to stop you from doing that. Okay, I’m just plain lazy. Tinamaan nga ako dun sa Christmas eve homily dito sa Holy Family, sabi ni Father Bacani magbago na raw ang mga tamad. Aray!

These are just some photos I’ve managed to edit for tonight, out of maybe a few hundreds I’ve taken the past weeks. I still don’t have a new camera, and my ol’ digital is itching to go into retirement. Good thing my cousin James left with us his ixus while he’s back home in Cagayan De Oro, at least for now I have a cam to shoot with. But hey, if you’re feeling generous this Christmas and have lots of money to spare, and would like to help an aspiring amateur photographer, you might want to contribute so I can finally get one those Canon DSLRs! Or just pray for me to win the lotto or something. 😉

I’m not making sense now, but who’s gonna stop me? Haha. 🙂 Some highlights of my yuletide season: played guitar (and sang?) for the choir in our office’s Thanksgiving/Anniversary mass, my first time ever. I was both tense and excited about it, and it went acceptably well, I think. Then played guitar again for our training batch’s presentation, in front of a big crowd. Jingle Bell Rock, Harana, Alapaap. Cool set list, ain’t it? 😉 But of course my batchmates’ dancing was way cooler, lucky me — I was the one who volunteered to play the guitar. Hehehe. Another first — I got gifts for everyone in my family! Napaghahalata na napaka-bait kong anak. Hehehe.

In a few days time, the posting frequency on this weblog should revert to normal — meaning I should be writing again once every few days. 😉 For now, just keep tinkering/playing with your Christmas presents. By the way, if you’re wondering about “the girl in the yellow shirt”, she actually got me this cool present and… nah, I think I’ll just save that story for another day. 😉

A blessed Christmas to you all!

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