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Just another day of endless chatter over email with office friends, and as the signal–to–noise ratio inverts itself, a friend wanders into the blogosphere looking for some worthwhile reading, and ends up in Joey’s blog reading his entry on Tagaytay and life and dreams. She ends up emailing me about rediscovering jobarclix and his wonderful writing, I replied to concur and ask if she still gets to visit my site. She replies, followed by my response:

Friend: Yun nga po ang una kong pinuntahan. But like you said, not much going on. Mukhang busy ka or busy-busyhan sa abend resolutions mo e. Or there’s just too much going on in your life (good for you). I do check back every once in a while, you know. I’m kinda liking your group’s blogs. Who knows? I might join the club in the not-so-distant future. But I gotta get me a new job or work out a few kinks in my life first.

Markku: Hahaha, so you visit my blog din pala. Akala you’re one of those who visit sometimes, but I slowly lose because of my irregular blogging habits. Ganun ang blog ko eh, minsan may regulars na tuluyan ng nawawala dahil sa katamaran ko magsulat.

Yeah I’m quite busy. It seems wala na akong extra time palagi, yet I feel like I’m accomplishing nothing. It’s a scary thought, growing old with nothing to show for. I try not to think about it, I don’t want to bury myself in my own pit of depression. And besides, I have wonderful friends and family surrounding me, what’s not to be thankful for? It’s a rewarding reality knowing that you have someone you love and loves you back unconditionally, just as you have friends you know that will always be there for you, no matter what.

I’m glad you like the company of blogs around mine, it’s one of the things I’m really proud of. Before, it used to be just me and some friends from Pisay, now it’s me and some friends and some friend’s friends, and so on. Some we haven’t met personally at all, baka hindi na nga namin makilala in this lifetime. Basta alam namin they’re there, writing and dancing with the music of life. Ang galing.

You should definitely blog, I know you enough to proclaim you’re a good writer. Getting a new job? Don’t wait for that — blogging can get you one. And the “kinks in your life,” these are the ones that drive your emotions, relish them and be thankful. If life was so perfect it wouldn’t be worth living at all.

Sandali, mukhang may kwenta tong nasulat ko ah. I-blog ko kaya?

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  1. natatawa din ako minsan. i complain i can’t blog pero pag email correspondence, di mahutdan og storya.

    joey, di ka na ma reach bai 😉

  2. Markku, sige ba. May wedding ako April 9, Caleruega-Sonya’s Garden. May budget ako para sa isang assistant na magaling. Pwede ka?

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