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  1. Because I don’t have an iPod yet and really, really, really, really want one. Also because I believe that this is not a prank.

  2. Because I have a crappy minidisk player from sony that uses an inferior (to MP3) audio codec and can only be used with a terrible bit of software called SonicStage (which only runs on Windoze). It also restricts me with a stupid DRM that basically stops you from recording each song to a minidisk more than 3 times without “checking it back in” (EVEN if you wrote the song yourself!).

    Also it’s my birthday! 😀 (Yep, it’s still March 31st here).

  3. iPods represent a fantastic liberation of information, which in many cases is music, but it doesn’t have to be exclusively. iPods are a metaphor for the separation of content from container, and the ability of the user to define how he or she would like to use the content. An iPod would not only provide me with a tool for research and study, but it would help me personally experience the joys of liberated music whenever and wherever I require. As a librarian, my reserach and work focuses on finding new ways to simplify and enhance the user’s ability to find information. Apple, Google and others have clearly bit into this notion as well. Information and music want to be “free” (not necessarily free as in no $)!

    …And hey, they’re also freakin’ cool and I’ve been dying to get my hands on one but my wife says I have enough toys… 😉 If it helps, I’ll also pay for shipping (seeing as how I’m a Canuck and all…).

    Hey, had to try (even if it is an April Fools prank)!!
    Nice blog design. Well done.

  4. An iPod, eh? Well, if I were to buy one, it’d cost me about 2 months wage. So, my best bet is you taking pity on me. 🙂

  5. La lang cause it’s one of the coolest mp3 player and i like listening to musiczzzzzz.

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