Email problems

I’m currently having problems with my address, so if you feel like writing, just send it to markku at gmail dot com. And if you want an invite, you know how to reach me. 😉

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  1. pwede rin na mag mail forwarding ka sa rebelpixel na email mo to your gmail account… and from gmail gawa ka na lang ng filter para sa mga ibat ibang clase ng mga mails na galing sa rebel pixel account mo(comments, registrations, etc)

  2. Joachim, unfortunately the problem is with my cPanel email setup, or that’s what I think at least. I have to check with the hosting provider, but too busy to post a support ticket right now.

  3. Mathias, I didn’t realize they were now providing signup for gmail. And to think gmail’s service has been acceptable for some time now.

  4. well, yahoo did upgrade their free accounts to 1gig… anyways, I had a forwarder on my cpanel account forward all my domain emails straight to my gmail account… in that way, I don’t miss any action (as if there were any action going on in my site anyways)

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