Faith and prayers

  • View from the bottom.
  • Station for 'The Last Supper.'
  • One of the last stations.
  • View from the top.

A few Saturdays ago my family drove all the way to Lucban, Quezon to visit Father Joey Faller’s Kamay ni Hesus Healing Church. You might have seen it featured before in Manila papers and magazines, well–known for its Way of the Cross that is magnificently carved from the mountainside. Around 300 vertical steps to the top, plus the walk from both sides of the area spanning the stations of the cross. But upon reaching the top, you’d be delighted to see the beautiful view, and you can’t help but look down and appreciate how high you’ve walked for half an hour.

After the 9AM morning mass, the healing session that followed thereafter was very moving. I’d really rather talk about faith and prayers than religion, but looking at how he (Father Joey Faller) touched the lives of those present is something I cannot ignore. I saw him guide a wheelchair–bound old lady, help her stand and let her walk independently from one side of the Church to the other to touch the image of the Virgin Mother, and then back. A few minutes later, he had his hands on the chest of cancer–stricken hopefuls, praying for a brief moment. Some would collapse to the floor, while others walked away weeping, as if touched by something beyond words. Just witnessing these events had me thinking so deeply — it’s one of those rare moments that you seem to see your life briefly flash in the back of your mind.

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  1. I would like to go to the healing center of Fr. Joey. Can you give me directions on how to get there? What about if I’ll be taking public transport? Thank you.

  2. I would like to go to the healing center of Fr. Joey. Can you give me directions on how to get there? What about if I’ll be taking public transport? Thank you.

    Hello weng, you’d have a truly moving experience when you go there. For schedule and travel information, you might want to refer to this article [ Free Cache version ] on, at the bottom half of the page. I think it’s a bit outdated, the Saturday masses are now weekly from what I remember. The domain is supposed to host his site, though as of writing it isn’t ready yet. Good luck and God bless.

  3. Thanks so much, Markku! We’re planning to organize a group to go on a pilgrimage there. My friend in San Francisco who’s afraid to undergo an operation will be so glad to receive these informations. God bless!

  4. hello,

    i would like information on how to contact Fr. Joey Faller. My husband is sick for a long time and we are planning to go back to the philippines and see fr joey. Any information will be greatly appreciated. Thanks and God Bless!

  5. can you give me the location and date/time of healing mass of Fr. faller here in Metro Manila

    thank you

  6. Good day! Am the Coordinator of the Confraternity of Our Lady of Lourdes of Transfiguration of Our Lord Parish in Murphy, Quezon City. On Feb. 11, 2006, we will be celebrating the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes. In view of this, we would like to invite Fr. Faller to celebrate a healing mass and hold a healing session between Feb. 02 to 10, 2006 at our parish. Your immediate response on this matter will be highly appreciated. Thank you so much and God bless.

  7. hi! i would just like to know if fr. joey faller will conduct a mass and healing session in manila (when & where)? my uncle has a cancer and can’t go to far places anymore like in quezon to visit he’s church. the doctor said that my uncle will not live that long, i have a huge faith in the lord and will never stop praying and believing in him. i hope that you could help us, i’ll wait for your reply. thank you very much.

  8. Irish, please use the contact info provided by edmund’s comment. I’m not familiar with Fr. Faller’s schedule, but he does conduct sessions here in Manila. Just get in touch with his staff for exact details, and may your uncle be blessed with God’s miracles.

  9. Is Fr. Joey’s e-mail add still working? I send a prayer request to him but no reply as of now. I hope he is just busy doing things. If ever he changed his e-mail add can you send me the updated one at Thanks.

  10. I was very fortunate to be able to attend Fr. Joey’s healing mass in megamall last holy week. He has truly been an instrument of our Lord in my healing. I was diagnosed with Kidney Failure a few months ago and have been on dialysis for about 6 months. Last May 2, 2007. I was the lucky recipient of a kidney and had undergone a kidney transplant. I am now out of the hospital and recovering In our home in Pasig. I wish to send Fr. Joey an e-mail. I think it’s also a blessing that my surgeon is the nephew of Fr. Joey, Dr. Anthony Faller. Truly God is miraculous…Praise to God…

  11. Hello,

    Please tell me the date of the next mass and healing session of Father Joey Faller in Manila.

    My Dad had a stroke few months ago and is now in a wheel chair. Please pray for my dad to be healed and walk again. His name is Benjamin Alban from Agoo, La Union.

  12. pls send me thru my e mail address the healing mass sked of fr joey faller in metro manila area. thanks and more power

  13. hi there! can i ask for the healing sked of fr joey here in manila? i tried calling the celfone # provided by edmund but a different person answered the call and it seemed to be a wrong #. thanks

  14. can you please inform me when/where is the next healing mass of Father Faller?..
    thank you very much.

    • Hi, unfortunately I don’t have his schedule but you can follow the links and other details shared by our previous commenters. If that fails, I’m sure google can help you.

  15. Good Evening! We would like to visit and thank Fr. Faller for the success operation i had.
    My auntie is suffering an ovarian cancer.please pray for her.

    We wanted to know also the schedule of Fr. Faller if possible.

    Thank you so much,God Bless!!

  16. gudevening po,ask ko po sana kung wat schedule po ng healing mass ni Fr.Joey po,..thank u very much..GOD BLESS!!!

  17. Just this evening(May 27,2009) at Guadalupe church in Cebu,I attended a healing mass by Father Joey Faller.As he prayed me over,I fell on the floor as if somebody was pushing me eventhough I told myself consiously I should not fall.I really really felt God’s blessing and forgiveness.When I got home I really felt being cleansed and renewed,Thanks to Father Joey Faller and to GOD’S healing power…Praise the LORD!!!

  18. hello po,
    please, pray for the left eye of my brother to be healed, his name is mark kevin vispo…thanks..more power and GOD BLESS..!

  19. gud evening po father joey, pls pray for me. i am a breast cancer survivor for almost 3 yrs. now, i always suffer from migrain and allegric rhinitis. also pls pray for a good marriage relationship of my sister nambababae po kasi ang husband nya and it disturbed her so ,uch. pls pray. . .

  20. good morning po, please pray for my daughter who has an allergy at sa husband ko namay sakit sa kanyang binti na nangitingitim.Palagi sya magsabi na badwords against God at hindi ko maaccept parang kinikirot ang puso ko kong palagi syang masungit wala kong peace of mind .tulongan mo po ako father nagbelieve ako sa ating panginoon.

  21. Dear father Joey,
    good day,humingi ako ng tulong ng maagang recovery sa aming family friend namay operation isa ako sa tinutulungan sa aking pag-aral I wish that he will live longer.salamat po.

  22. please pray for the healing of my ever dearest boyfriend, Samuel Gabriel M. Cordero. He is suffering from kidney failure, hepa b and now glaucoma… i know God is the best healer and nothing is impossible with Him…in Gods time im wishing Glen to achieve complete healing.. want to spend my life and build family with him.. may he receive the blessing of healing… Praise God and Bless those in need….

  23. Magandang araw po, ako si Analiza at ang aking asawa na si John Rosales, ito na naman po ako at humihingi sa inyo ng tulong na muli ipagpray kay LORD na magkaroon na po kami ng sariling anak. Naniniwala po ako na sa tulong nyo at ng poong may kapal. Walang imposible sa panginoon, at umaasa po kami mag asawa na magkakaroon po kami ng anak. Sa ngaun po delailed na po ako ng 1 month I hope and I pray na tuloy-tuloy na po to at tulungan nyo po kami. Sana ito na po yong pa birth day ni LORD sakin b-day ko po sa Sunday Feb. 14, at 28 na po ako. Tulungan nyo po kami salamat po!!

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