Spammers die!

I’m on dialup at home using Sky Internet’s BLAST Prepaid, browsing my daily share of blog reads, and I comment on an entry on Grace’s blog about a Pisay ’96 couple’s first baby, then — boom! Livejournal greeted me with a surprising message: Your IP address ( is detected as an open proxy (a common source of spam) so comment access is denied. Comment spam has been a growing problem for more than a year now, I just didn’t realize it was this bad to include local ISPs. Is the country coddling and breeding spammers disguised as “outsourcing companies,” all in the name of “enriching” the Philippine IT industry?

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  1. Open proxies are trivially easy to scan for, so any open proxy available anywhere is a wide open spamming tool waiting to be discovered and abused. That it’s a local ISP makes no difference – there’s no reasons for the spammers to care where in the world the open proxies they abuse are located.

  2. funny but when i use my DSL account at home(I’m on PLDT), sometimes it says the same thing when i try to post anonymously in some LJs. maybe because a lot of internet cafes use PLDTDSL? whatev.

  3. I think LJ’s filtering for open proxies is too aggressive, or unfortunately targets our region’s IP block. Because I really think a lot of spamming is produced where “outsourcing” business continue to thrive.

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