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The Jerks

I’ve been looking for a CD of the album released by The Jerks several years ago, containing the songs Rage and Sayaw Sa Bubog, and many other great ones. Record stores tell me it’s now out of print. Can you help me? Any info would be greatly appreciated.


I just heard from friends here at the office that Carrie Underwood beat Bo Bice for the fourth American Idol title. The rocker should’ve won, and I’m sure a lot would agree.

Musical Baton

Mathias passed me the baton, so I’ll get this out quick. I need some sleep. Total volume of music files on my computer. I currently have around 16 GB of music on my PC, and then some on our iPod. The last CD I bought. The latest legal music CD I bought was Inuman Sessions […]


Some of you might be wondering where the MySQL version of iPAP is — so have a look at Hannu’s photos. Coding has not stopped for the past few weeks, and the codebase is now completely migrated to MySQL. I’m refining the administration interface, and will be working on the new template. Mathias has some […]

Anonymous sonovabitch

For Anonymous sonovabitch: “If you drop by my site and insult my heritage, you should at least have balls enough to leave an indication of who you are so I can generalize from how stupid your way of thinking how idiotic your particular race/gender/IQ group/scientific dictgenus is.” Comment spam really sucks, but stupid commenters trolls […]

More iPAP

Yuga likes iPAP, he told me at iBlog. Wait for the MySQL–ported version, it should be snappier and the upcoming features will surely be interesting.


Globe should have G–Cash over web transactions. Ka Edong already pointed this out several months ago. Having an online credit card to g–cash gateway would surely open unlimited opportunities for many Filipinos, like micropayments for content publishers and other services. Doing so would establish the telco as one of the premier innovators in the GSM […]

iBlog Talks

I was at iBlog last Saturday with Raych and Joey. Ran into Ederic and Mec, and finally met several pinoy bloggers I’ve been reading regularly, but the highlight of my day was finally meeting The Sassy Lawyer and Yuga, the people behind the popular pinoyblog community. I really enjoyed Dean Alfar’s talk, informative and insanely […]

Gran Turismo 4

I just had a new mod chip swapped into our PS2 and just saw the graphical beauty of Gran Turismo 4! I’ve got a headache that’s killing me, but I’ll play this thing after iBlog tomorrow, unless something important comes up. See you in the morning at the blog summit!


I emailed Nanette to ask for the URL of her current blog, and she wrote back telling me she just posted an entry regarding her recent visit to Berlin, with photos! Lucky girl, these are places I could only dream of.

Pop Ratio

Warning: This entry doesn’t make much sense. 1995, pisay. Nothing really mattered back then, just the simple worries of youth. All we did was play, play, and play again. And then there was the band. Five boys dreaming of making it big, with the Eraserheads as our role model. Hoping for our own “Pare Ko” […]


Today is 05–05–05 — May 5, 2005. Wala lang. Masarap kaya mag–555 sardines ngayon? 😉 Ngye, ang corny. Hirap kasi kapag bangag ka na at 3 in the morning, pretending to work. Hehehe. Wala magawa kundi kumain at mag–net. Sandali ayan na, may bagong tracker — totoong trabaho muna. 🙂