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I’ve been looking for a CD of the album released by The Jerks several years ago, containing the songs Rage and Sayaw Sa Bubog, and many other great ones. Record stores tell me it’s now out of print. Can you help me? Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. hey… i love the jerks! my band actually cover the song sayaw sa bubog and i have both the live and studio albulm versions on mp3 if you want them. just send me an email.

    good luck!


  2. Nice work genius, you forgot to leave your email add…

  3. Hey Sarcon!

    You definitely do not deserve my email address nor does your attitude give you the luxury to have the music and message of the Jerks shared to you!

    Markku, i believe i did send you my email address. if you are still interested in the Jerks. I have a friend who know them back home and has mentioned to me that they are now on a major label. so it should not be as hard as before to get a copy.

    send me an email at my band’s website.



  4. Demetrio, I was able to find a copy of their album though I’m still interested if they have newer works. And I’m also planning to watch them live one of these days. 😉

    I couldn’t access your band’s website, maybe you have the URL wrong.

  5. hey guys, i hope you odn’t mind if i ask for a copy of both “rage” and “reklamo”
    i’m in vancouver, canada. been away from home for far too long and would love a copy of both songs.
    if you can please email me how i can get one.

  6. mga tol,, cn somebody send me the jerks songs? salamt. here’s my email… kim_almighty@yahoo..

  7. Batjay, yes they’re lifetime keepers. I wish I could find my tape, baka collector’s item na yun ngayon. Hehehe.

  8. Hi guys! I’m a big Jerks fan myself. If you can include me in the mailing list for mp3’s, that would be great. My email is at Demetrio, could I get your email add as well? Thank so much!

  9. same here. that’s why i landed on your blog thru searching.. hmm… miss watching them live.. back in 96ish i was always among the crowd.. anyway my tape’s ruined so looking for cd now.

  10. hallo…. i feel guilty but i believe this is the easiest way, i hope no one will sue us for piracy haha….. i would like to have a copy of rage, reklamo ng reklamo and sayaw sa bubog, would greatly appreciated if you can include me to your mailing list. by the way im staying in the sunny land of doha qatar.

  11. Ang dami na palang naghahanap ng mga kanta nila. Pag nag-post sila dito at pinayagan tayo, email ko agad kayo. 😉

  12. ei i have an album of the jerks. if u want i can send it you just request via my email add.

    btw, we have our own album 20uno by Tanghalang bayan ng kabataan sa baguio(TABAK). if u want to hear it just drop by my friendster profile at there is an mp3 there just select the song you want. kk?

    *by next wik i will include the album of the jerks in my profile so you can hear it while surfing the net.

  13. I have a cassette copy of THE JERKS LIVE….swerte ko nakita ko siya sa province namin, way way back.

    Collector’s item na talaga yun.

  14. Wow! I was so lucky I stumbled on this page. Ei guys, I’m also looking for the Jerks’ album way back, I think it was The Jerks Live. My band (way back in college) also covers their songs like reklamo, sayaw sa bubog, no no nuclear and some other great songs. I once have a cassette tape of that The Jerks Live given to me by my brother but when I moved out I forget to bring it along with me.

    Ei, Sir Demetrio, can you send me those MP3 copy of yours? please .. please .. appreciate it very much!


  15. hello guys! i am also a fan of the jerks, for a long time i’ve been searching for their songs. could u also pass to me thru any and every songs (if possible) of THE JERKS! GREAT BAND

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