Reachin’ out

I can’t help but listen to this song over and over again — and it’s all because of you.

Reachin’ out to you
Do you feel it too
Lovin’ you is all I wanna do
I’m completely sure
I’ve never felt this way before
When I smile you know that there is something more.

8 Responses

  1. nakanampotsa, okay bro, inlab ka na naman, papa maku!!!

    but i have to admit, you just beat me to it. i was planning to post something about this song too. but don’t bother to ask why,, hehehe 🙂

  2. Dati pa naman akong in-love ah, hindi lang ako nagsusulat masyado. 🙂 Ganda kasi nung song eh! Pero mas maganda pa din sya… 😉

  3. aysus, biya…. hahaha. letch, masuya man pud ta ninyo. i pray pud ko nga ma happy na ko… :p

  5. im beginning to like this song 😉

    “And I’d do anything for you
    In spite of it all
    I’ve learned so much from you
    You made me strong
    But don’t you ever think that I don’t love you
    That for one minute I forgot you
    But sometimes things don’t work out right
    And you just have to say goodbye”

    i’ll even make ‘walking away’ easy for you.
    i just hope that with this comment i can make things
    fair for both of us, and somehow make the world
    aware that our relationship wasnt that bad.. we had
    good times together..but things happen.
    Thy will be done.

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