Hale lyrics

I just mentioned my review of Hale’s rookie release, and I’m sure you’d love to see the lyrics to all their songs. So here they are:

  1. Take No
  2. Broken Sonnet
  3. Blue Sky
  4. The Day You Said Goodnight
  5. Wishing
  6. Here Tonight
  7. Kahit Pa
  8. Life Support
  9. Underneath the Waves
  10. Runaway
  11. Bent Down
  12. Kung Wala Ka

Now go and sing “To be is all I got to be, and all that I see, and all that I need this time. To me the life you gave me, the day you said goodnight.”

By the way, the reviews! blog just got a new (gay?) design, based on Becca Wei’s “Almost Spring.” I just love the colors! 😉

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  1. gusto kong song ni bamboo yung these days,masaya,noypi at war hearts basta lahat ng song nya nakakapagpatulog sa akin sa gabi halos kabisado ko na nga lahat eh

  2. hay grabe hale sobrang sikat kayo khit sa skul nmin d2 sa perpetual at buong las piñas..
    we love you HALE

  3. I bought the ORIGINAL album of HALE… I would say that all the lyrics and its rhythm are so ooohhh wonderful! I promise hindi me magsasawa… this band already occupied my top list ( almost give up ’til you came ) **KUNG WALA KA** To the LEAD stay humble and SHELDON–ewan ko ba..

  4. HI TherE..> weLL im a aVId Fan Of Hale.. eWan KO ba TheREs sUmthIng on Them na i canT eVeN slEeP pag di kO PINaTutUGTOG anG sONgs NILa.. GRabe INLove Pa AKO Kay CHaMP …. NewaI gUDLUck GUYs.. YOUre One of The besT that FIliPNOs sHUd Be PrOUd Of.. AsteeG sooBRa… wITh YOur sONgs… Nkakwala NaNg stRess…. LOve Yah GUYs.. HmuaHzzzzz

  5. watched them in baguio! they rocked! open yung area at ang lakas ng ulan pero the people stayed and watched. dami tao, grabe! i’d watch them again anytime. champ, you so look like my boyfriend. hehehe. =)
    p.s. runaway’s been playing in my head for four days straight now. haaay.

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