On Gloria and her apology

These are my two cents on President GMA’s public apology regarding the wiretapped conversations, better discussed by the Sassy Lawyer.

If she didn’t cheat, she should’ve been her usual mataray self. Why apologize if you did nothing wrong? Why look so damn sad and remorseful if all you did was protect your votes?

Our country is in shambles and there is nowhere to go. No other leader has the capability to take the Philippines in the right direction, in my honest opinion. Susan Roces? She’s very beautiful, but maybe that’s all — let’s leave it at that. We don’t deserve another gamble, like Erap. Our future is too fragile for everyone to play dice with.

3 Responses

  1. waaahhh!!! nakakapanibago talaga ang muka ni gloria!
    mula sa pagiging mataray, nagmukang basang sisiw sa apology speech nya!

    manood na lang kayo ng debate at marami kayong malalaman!!!

  2. May nagsabi na nito dati, pero di naman natin pinatalsik si Erap dahil artista siya. Pinatalsik natin siya dahil sa corruption.

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