Update: All download links are now back again, so using our popratio[at]gmail[dot]com for sharing will probably be stopped soon.

After two months since the first jam, the newest Pop Ratio covers are now here for everybody’s consumption. Sadly, I no longer have them as direct downloads from this site. Instead, you can login to gmail and open the account popratio[at]gmail[dot]com, using the popratio/popratiopopratio key/value pair for the login credentials. I think you get the idea. 😉

These songs are from our 2nd jam session for this year. Again, we’re playing three–piece, no bass at all. Our bass player is reportedly *still* in Hongkong, now fully a slave of corporate society. Hehehe. And then he wants a damn tribute song. And the other guitarist? He’s probably too busy trying not to be late — at everything. Double Hehe.

From the new set, I’d strongly recommend “Man in the Mirror,” and maybe “214” and “Panahon na Naman.” You can listen to the rest as a cure for insomnia. Doc Jonas and Doc Don would definitely agree. 😉 Whatever happens, don’t dare download the track “Especially For You.” You’ve been warned.

And if you wanna know which of the older songs to resell at Quiapo download, you can’t miss “Himala,” “Crazy For You,” and my personal favorite, our cover of Yano’s “Esem.” Most of them are nice tracks anyway, except the one I’m singing in. 😉 Hail to free music!

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  1. Mapakinggan nga 😉

    My writing gig is fun, actually 😀 I get to interview people kahit through email lang. It’s interesting what I learn about people.

    Ikaw ba freelancer? Baka pwede ka interviewhin! 😉

  2. T#%^ina!!!!, ang galing ninyo!!! nakakainggit! sarap siguro ninyong kajam. Peybs ko yung panahon nanaman ninyong cover. Good luck sa musical journey ninyo… halatang halata na you guys were having fun recording that stuff…

  3. Joachim, one thing that we can’t miss when we jam — have fun. Sometimes we suck so badly, but we make sure we have fun. 😉

    There was one time we had too much fun, instead of jamming we rushed to watch the midnight advance screening of Matrix Revolutions. Holy cow, the movie sucked so badly! Hahaha. 😀

    Asana ibang recordings nyo ng band mo? 😉

  4. maku, sama ka sa out-of-the-country trip ng sr96. check mo kung sinong bumisita dito sa thailand last wik sa site ko.,, heheh

    btw, para on topic. you guys rock! heheh ayos ba?

  7. Markku, I forgot to close a link tag in one of my comments sa isang post mo, can you edit that na lang??? sorry, wont happen again.

    Anyways, wala pa, kasi nagkakatamaran, yung studio kasi nung drummer namin under construction eh (nakatira sa basement kasi yun eh). Pero katambay ko lang yung singer and bassist namin and we arranged some stuff without recording anything. soon… hopefully. But to tell you the truth, I’ve been listening to your tracks for days now… astig!!!

  8. hahaha.. this one is nice..

    *from unwell

    jonas: i’m not crazy, i’m just a little impaired. i know right now you don’t care…

    ..suddenly cellphone beeped in loudly for an incoming message

    jonas: just stay a while (.. stopped momentarily, might have ate some words),, think of me..

    hahaha.. classic. parang chris tucker at jackie chan sa movie nilang rush hour, yung may tumawag during taping. eto naman, may nag-text during recording,, hahaha 😀

  9. Joachim, buti kayo nakakasulat kayo ng songs on a regular basis. That’s one where we do badly, we just enjoy playing and jamming and didn’t focus on the creative side of being in a band. We do have a few songs but I’m not sure if we can ever get to record them. Kelangan muna namin ma-kumpleto kaming lima sa isang jam bago kami mangarap ng matinong originals. 😉

    Sherwin, classic lahat yan kaya ingatan mo yung kopya mo. Lagay mo as mobile phone mo. 😉 Para pag nanakaw yan eh sisikat na kami dyan sa Thailand. 😉

  10. markku, i visited the site that featured our covers… astig!!! if i weren’t so busy right now trying to help (more like meddling with actually… ;p) ailing people, i’d just wanna concentrate on being a band… talk about letting it get to your head… ;p anyway, maybe we can get together again sometime soon to put together some more tracks… hopefully some originals. if we can drag our bandmates at the same time to your place that is…

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