Blogging again

I think I’m back blogging again, but right now without a great percentage of this site. I’m rebuilding, bored with the recent layout so quickly that I never tried to get it to 100% completion. Having said that, the chances of using it again is quite slim, unless I do so badly in making a new design.

I haven’t been designing much the past few months, the most practice I’ve had was doing WP themes for my other blogs. I have a few upcoming projects, and a design for a prominent name in the Philippine blogging scene.

iPAP isn’t dead. It’s there, just haven’t really packed things for another public release. My WP plugins will always be available, with a few updates once in a while.

I don’t think I’m writing sensibly or comfortably, probably a result of the extended break. More to come soon, like Pop Ratio songs freshly baked.

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  1. tol!!! anong nangyari sa archives mo?!?!?! oh hindeh!!!

    pero welcome back, araw araw sinusubaybayan ko kung kelan ka magonline ulit. pero down lagi… sana kung gagawa ka ng bagong site, i maintain mo yung mga past posts mo just for reference purposes tulad ng ginawa ni Dunstan Orchard.


  2. and a design for a prominent name in the Philippine blogging scene.

    dude, you already earned a mark in the philippine blogging scene with your previous design.

  4. This is the first time I’m responding to comments on my weblog in several weeks. Thanks everyone it’s nice to know some of my readers are still here. 😉

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