Warning: Live Design

I’m doing a live redesign on this site, just as I write this. Some pages may look funny, but they’ll be fine probably in a few hours. I’m going for the no–image look, as you can see. Or maybe not. And the complete redesign? I guess my laziness right now leans towards the slim chance of using the previous design, or a variant thereof.

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  1. Tol, astig site mo ngayon ah, mix of old themes with new ideas rolling in… back to the mainstream blogging ka na… anyways, I’m wardriving right now and andito na ako sa house ng drummer namin, magstart na kaming magrecord in a few minutes… I’ll hit you back as soon as I have the songs up on my site…

    BTW, the autosurf site I was telling you about… I was thinking making it a free service for Filipino bloggers, para they can get tons of hits sa site nila… o diba astig na project yun?!

  2. Jeff, I still haven’t found a solution for the Safari highlighting, but thanks for the screenshot. If I get a Powerbook I could probably fix it by then.

    Remi, thanks. You’ve also got good work on your site. 😉

    Joachim, yes this is a blend of my previous designs. It’s a nice way to come up with something when you’re a sorry doubt of design ideas. Hehehe.

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