Ten years ago

A little over ten years ago, we dreamed of making it big. It was the OPM era, with bands sprouting like wild grass all over the country, much like now. We learned every OPM hit song, playing them like we were our own. Our Pisay batchmates would often tease us as big Eraserheads wannabes, and maybe they were right back then. It was something we were proud of, in a way. No band in Pisay could cover them like we did, and playing Sembreak with the crowd singing along on our first public gig felt like our own personal heaven.

Ten years forward, we find ourselves in other fields of interest far away from the rock and roll life. But in an unexpected twist of fate like we always say, the band and the dream is suddenly back. We’ve been jamming at the rate of one session a month since April, and the last time we played together this much was way back in ’95 — ’96. We don’t really know where we’re headed, but the beauty of it is we’re doing this just because it feels right. We have nothing to lose, yet we have everything to gain.

Since I’m on reminiscing mode, let me share with you this cover song. Asul is from Auraeus Solito’s rock musical Manhid, and was originally played by [hulaan nyo] the early Eraserheads, before Ultraelectromagneticpop. It’s from our sessions two weekends ago. I miss high school.

Note: Most offices block friendster.com, so I’m providing cached versions of Jonas’ entries from his Friendster/Typepad weblog: “a dream almost fully realized” and “almost famous.”

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  2. hi. heard your demo on one of the songs from my musical Manhid…ganda…. my next film is Pisay, a Cinemalaya 07 finalist… im actually searching for music by Pisay alumni for my movie… you might be interested… email me at auraeus_solito[at]yahoo.com

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