Pop Ratio originals

I’ve been pimping my band Pop Ratio here on my weblog for how many entries now, so I guess it would be fitting to share with everyone our music. The first five tracks are originals, and the last is a cover which I shared recently. The originals are copyright Pop Ratio — share, spread the music, but please do not sell. 😉

  1. Barok
  2. Crash
  3. Cut Into Me
  4. Luha
  5. Tanong
  6. Asul

Tracks 1 to 4 by Don Salvacion. Track 5 by Markku Seguerra. Arranged by Pop Ratio.

Now why do I sound like a CD insert? 😉

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  1. http://incoherently.net/podcast/?p=36
  2. Joachim, “Tanong” was written almost ten years ago in my freshman year at UP. Wala lang, bit of information. We definitely have more songs to come, kayo din!

    Logs, yes AdSense earnings can get as high as that. And it’s not uncommon to find people running several weblogs that collectively hit a thousand a month.

    Golda, I’m ecstatic to hear that! 🙂 Hopefully we’ll be posting more originals in a month’s time, I hope you enjoy them as well. Btw, thanks for dropping by.

  3. pre, hindi ko ma-download ung mga origs nyo. pede mo ba ilagay ulit sa gmail? dun ko na lang kunin?

    saka ano ung 2 songs na pinarinig mo sa akin nung sat?

    pagbalik ko, sali ako ha? hehehe

  4. Markku,

    In case the ping/trackback hasn’t hinted at it already – you’ve been podcast again. 🙂

    I featured the track “Crash” in my latest episode.

  5. markku, where do you guys have your gigs at? I think you guys have a ton of songs already in your stash of covers… you might as well perform them live and record them on video…

  6. Brendan, I’m just about to write about it. It’s really nice that we’re on podcast again! Thanks a million, man.

    Joachim, we have tons of covers over the years though we weren’t really that active when it came to playing live. We’ve had our share, but the latest was probably around two years ago, or even more. If we get to play soon, we’ll probably have it recorded.

  7. tapos kapag sumikat na kayo, yung mga fans ninyo, magrerelease ng mga bootleg samplers.. mga cd’s ng mga sinaunang recordings ninyo.. hehehe, astig yun kapag nangyari yun.

  8. Joachim, astig nga, pero yun eh kung mangyayari talaga. 😉 Pre, magkano dyan ang pinakamura na Tele na Fender saka Squire?

  9. tingnan ko sa sabado, dadaan din naman ako sa guitar center para paayos yung deville ko.. tingnan mo rin sa musiciansfriend.com, sabihin mo saakin kung anong model number, i can get it for much cheaper(at least 10%-20%) from my drummer kasi dati cyang employee ng musicians friend and ng guitar center.

  10. http://roytang.net/blog/?p=161

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