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This entry was written by Jonas, guess writing for Markku to introduce the songs Confused and Dito Ba.

Here are the latest songs that Pop Ratio has to offer, fresh off the grill and onto your dining table…

We’ve gone 3-piece again, seeing as Don has again managed not to arrive (as opposed to just not arriving on time… but oh well, that’s Don). And so due to this small technical difficulty, I was relegated to playing rhythm guitar in one of the songs. Even though my fingers are stinging right now (as a result of several nights of furious song finishing topped off with a thousand rearrangements and a couple more takes…), I would say the finished product was well worth the effort (I just hope I can still say that tomorrow when I’m using my hand to stitch up a laceration wound on someone’s head and my fingers can’t respond properly)…

I finally managed to finish something of my own, that being the song Confused, and put it down on record (boy, I didn’t think saying that could give such a rush). It could otherwise be described as a fool’s love song, or something along that line. Don’t ask me where i got the inspiration to finally make it… Markku has something new as well, in the short but sweet Dito Ba. We were having trouble trying to figure out how we were going to end it (as you might notice after listening to it), but we eventually did. If you ask me, both songs sound… well, totally different (flashes of Francis M, Hootie and the Blowfish, Rizal Underground and Sugarfree might come into mind). But still, they’re really good. As in really good. And that’s not just the pride of the songwriter that’s talking.

Anyway, we do hope to come up with some more songs in the near future. And as Markku has been so wishing for the past few months, we’re hoping to re-record these songs with better equipment (and probably somewhere else aside from the famed Studio B), and therefore, better results. If we could somehow drag every last one of our bandmates into one place at a single time that is (Carlo, umuwi ka na!!!)…

For now, rest assured that we will continue to try and come up with more songs of our own. And we do hope you keep on appreciating Pop Ratio music, and that of other OPM bands as well. Keep the music playing…

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  1. potah okay sa mga cuts ah!

    si carlo ba un (turo sa taas)? oi, bumalik ka nga para naman maging full blast na ung banda nyo! hehehe 🙂

    lyrics! lyrics! lyrics! hehehe

    pede ba start ng fans club? nyak! hehehehe

  2. Nanet, sama ka sa jam namin paguwi mo! 😉

    Carlo, ganyan ang nangyayari sa mga taong hindi sumisipot. Hindi ka ba kinakabahan? Hehehe. Hindi ako nagsabi na i-post yan, si Jonas. Oi may plano pala bumili ng acoustic bass para magamit sa mga sessions natin, hati–hati na lang tayo. Or pwede bang hiramin na lang muna yung acoustic bass mo? Ginagamit pa ba sa bahay nyo yun?

    Sherwin, ikaw bahala sa fans club kasi sayo yung chicks, mga good boy kami eh. Di ba Carlo? 😉

  3. Hiramin nyo ang bass? Sige, wala naman gumagamit siguro. Hindi ko lang alam kung maganda pa ang condition. Baka kailangan nyo palitan ang strings, etc…

    Pero alam mo, magandang idea ang hatian na yan. ‘Tsaka para ok, ako na lang bibili; may nakita akong magandang acoustic na Ibanez dito. Email ko na lang sa inyo ang bank account number ko…salamat ha 😀

  4. carlo, medyo mahal naman yata masyado yung gusto mong bilin na bass… tandaan mo, wala pa kaming trabaho ni don!!! ibanez?!? potah, yun na yung susuwelduhin ko pag nag-residente na ko eh… di ba pwede na lumanog na lang?
    sherwin, ayos ba yung gawa ko na kanta? pang-single na ba? hehehe…
    markku, gawan mo na ng music yung isa ko pang kanta, medyo malabo na maalala ko pa yung nagawa kong music para sa kanya eh…

  5. Carlo, tama si Jonas, Lumanog ka na lang muna… hehehe.

    Jonas, sige gawan natin ng music yan sa next jam natin. Maganda na yung nagawa mo eh, kinalimutan mo pa. The hit song that never was… tsk, tsk.

    Nanet, sige sked kami ng jam pag nandito ka. Tama yata ang dating mo para sa aming next na session. Bibili ka ng guitar dito? Acoustic or electric? Sige samahan kita bumili if you want.

    Joachim, uwi ka ba dito? Sige jam tayo. Ano yung ninjam?

  6. yay! jamming 🙂

    yup…bili ako ng guitar…acoustic na may preamp sana 😀 parang ung G-series ng takamine (meron ba sa pinas nun?). mahal dito eh.

    Kalawang na gitara ko 😛 unused and unloved.

  7. pareng Carlo di ko na kelangan ng kama para m2log
    patay ka dahil di ka umuuwi tsk tsk =)

    kelan next jam
    tapusin na natin ang atin album!hehe


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