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  1. Rails is the framework right? Ruby is the language? Anyways, I’m a big fan of 37Signals for a long time and Ruby is really hot right now but it is really difficult to invest time studying new platform especially when Java has a similar thing… Struts

  2. Yep, Rails is a rapid development framework for Ruby. Looking at the samples, I admire the “less code” approach they’re evangelizing. Right now, I’m also looking at RoR clones for PHP: CakePHP and PHPonTrax.

    It really is a huge leap to learn another framework, much more for a language, but I might if the benefits are clear. Regarding Java and Struts, uhmm, I know nothing about it and I don’t think it’s on my list of priorities to learn soon. Hehe. I’m a “PHP rocks” kind of guy.

  3. I’ve been reading stuff about RoR for the past week or so, wanted to code something with it but we’re swamped with album work. Hehe

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