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  1. Hey,

    I shot a little bit of icehockey a few weeks ago and I learnt a lot from doing it, came away with about 5 shots out of around 100 which were even remotely decent.

    You want to go for a very fast shutter speed, a reasonable ISO setting (I used 100 but feel that 400 would be a damn sight better), you want to have the aperture as open as possible so as to blur the background through DPOF.

    Lastly, learn the sport your watching. It’ll let you predict what’s happening next.

    It’s all about practice.

    Must say you are doing rather well compared to what I have seen of first time sports photography.

    – Stew

  2. Yo Markku! I’ve been covering some sports events myself the past couple of weeks. It’s pretty tough because nobody’s staying still and you have to anticipate what’s gonna happen. Heck, it’s even harder than playing defense on the court yourself. Oh yeah, and THAT is the most difficult part – you’re not in the game! Hehe, uy kelan tayo laro ulit?

  3. Stewart, thanks for the tip. The venue I was shooting in wasn’t lit quite well, I had to use ISO 800 or 1000. My D60 doesn’t have ISO 1600. 🙁 But I’m sure I’ll get photos next time around.

    Trebs, share your photos! I’ll txt you when we have a game scheduled. Ok dun sa pinaglaruan namin, yung nasa picture, 500 per hour pag gabi, 300 sa araw. Pwede na. 🙂

  4. Kim, dito lang yan sa may Pasig, sa isang subdivision na pangalan ay “Victoria’s Place.” Kaya nga running joke na sa office yung “maglalaro kami sa Victoria’s Place…” Hehehe. Maganda maglaro sa court na yan, pero medyo mainit kasi pangit yug windows nya. Naglalaro ka rin ba?

  5. deyns ako nagbabasketbol… gitara, video games and pagkain hilig ko… pero twice a week nag-go-gold’s ako para maburn yung taba na naipon ko.

  6. Take a look at my blog (taylor-pics.com) as well…I just posted some recent basketball photos myself. As mentioned above, Aperture, ISO and Shutter speed are the key elements. I found the Canon 85mm f1.8 prime is ideal. I use this set at either 1000 or 1250 ISO, and really push the shutter north of 800….if the gym lighting allows.

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