I’ve been tagged…

Diong tagged me, so I’ll do this really quick. It’s supposed to work this way: “20 random facts about me then tag the same amount of people as minutes it takes you to write the facts.”

  1. You can never see me without a Vicks inhaler.
  2. I’m a web addict, surfing the internet the whole day ain’t enough.
  3. Give me a guitar and I could momentarily forget almost all my worries. Almost all.
  4. I love corned beef.
  5. I was born a dreamer, never a day goes by without me wandering in my imagination.
  6. I love hacking things for other purposes.
  7. I have a pillow made by my grandmother and it’s been with me all my life.
  8. I love my FX so much I wouldn’t take crap from other people making fun of it.
  9. I’m a hot-head, though I’d like to believe I don’t like to make enemies.
  10. I like intelligent, passionate arguments. Though that shouldn’t lead to fighting.
  11. I fear cockroaches.
  12. I was born to be late. It would take a miracle to get me to come on time. I promised to have this entry ready around 20 hours ago.
  13. I love to sleep.
  14. The Eraserheads is probably the biggest influence in my music.
  15. My dad is my biggest influence in photography.
  16. You probably know this already, but I really, really love to eat.
  17. I’m a very opinionated person who’d die for the things I believe in.
  18. I’ve been fat all my life.
  19. I believe in the goodness of man.
  20. I believe in God’s goodness and might, and trust that every event in life serves a greater purpose.

I don’t think I did well, so I’ll just pass this on to these people:

  1. Anne
  2. Raych
  3. Jen
  4. Joey
  5. Sherwin
  6. Ramil
  7. Joachim
  8. Reg
  9. Logs
  10. Nanette
  11. Ederic
  12. Angela

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