Service failure?

Warning: This is a rant. Last night, our house lost electricity at around 8:30 PM caused by sparks in the main line leading to our house. Seeing that our neighbors’ electricity weren’t affected at all, we called MERALCO’s 16211 hotline to report the problem. The girl on the line said a service crew would arrive within the night.

After 10 PM, I called again to check on the status of our report, and the agent said the 10 PM shift change would cause some delay, and the repair request would be serviced by the next shift. By 12 PM, we were pretty tired and irritated that there’s still no sign of the service crew, so I called again. To my surprise, the male agent on the other end told me their system was down, and they had no way of checking the status of our request. My lucky day. So I gave him a *nice* talk on their service. How could they expect me to react?

I was told to call after a few minutes, and this time, a nice girl took the call and made the effort to contact the service crew, since their system was still unavailable. The crew was soon up in a ladder fixing what was actually a very small problem. Fixed in just a few minutes, by two polite men who knew their job.

Rant mode off? Honestly, I’m just pissed with the male agent who took my call and didn’t bother to remedy the situation, like what the female agent did. On the other hand, could this be related to the benefits for consumers if there isn’t a monopoly in power distribution here in Manila? In the same way that Bayantel is benefitting after it was allowed to break the PLDT monopoly? Now back to normal irregular programming. 🙂

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