80% Pop Ratio

Pop Ratio

First of all, right click on the photo and save it. Why? Sooner or later you just might need it. With the current upswing in the local music scene, you just might be looking at the members of the next big thing. We have the songs, and yes we’re big — physically. Hehe.

Yesterday morning, I was about to get off my ride when I heard a cover of the Eraserheads’ “Superproxy,” which I later found out through an officemate that it was part of a tribute album for the country’s best ever alternative act. Francis M was doing the song, and judging from the artist listing, that could be the only song/artist combo that would be acceptable to any e-heads fan. For the other acts, I’m not sure how well they could give justice to the songs they intend to cover. If simply for doing e-heads covers, we should be part of that big tribute. 😉

Now let me get back to my band, Pop Ratio. You’re only seeing 80% of it, since the other 20% is probably spreading the bird flu all over Hongkong right now. Hehehe. But on second thought, the “80%” figure is quite debatable if we base it on other terms like weight or looks, or sex appeal. By weight, it should be 90-10, and 10-90 if based on looks. Based on sex appeal, it’s a 0-100 landslide in favor of “the bass player” who can pass off as a chinovela star — who just woke up from a bad sleep. Hehe.

By the time you read this line, you’ve broken my secret that I’m just desperately trying to write so I could write. Now I make even less sense. But back to the photo: what if we don’t make it big? Then print the damn photo and keep it in your wallet, right under your ID. If something happens to you and you need medical attention, there’s a big chance that the darn photo might just save your life. 😉

If you’re still reading this part I’d be grateful if you’d leave a comment, I haven’t heard from my readers for quite a while now.

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  1. the superproxy song cover by francism was available for a time at his multiply site (francismagalona.multiply.com). He cut it off from the site the following day. Good thing I was able to save it. 😀

  2. Jolo, autograph? Hehehe. 😉 Hey, it’s nice to know I have at least two readers commenting on my blog. Should I start giving away free stuff just to get more traffic? Hahaha.

  3. asTeEg!!1!1!! ang gaLeenG po niNyu!!! at aNg gwPo pa nI marKku!! saNa ma-mit at makiLala q kyo suMdaY…yuN lng po..

    — carlo
    president, pop ratio 4ever friends fan club (hong kong chapter)

  4. that’s a great picture if i do say so myself…

    sayang wala ka carlo… ;p

    kailan tayo jam ulit? labas naman tayo!!!

  5. Hoy Carlo, kelan ka uuwi? Record na tayo ng complete lineup, ang sakit na raw ng kamay ni Don kaka-bass. 😉 Saka dapat ready na yung compositions mo ha.

  6. Markku, Jonas : Malamang, uuwi ako for Christmas. Basta, kita-kita tayo sometime between Dec 23 and 27 (kung matutuloy)

  7. potah!!! dapat matuloy na yang jam na kumpleto tayo ha!!! masakit na din yung kamay ko sa kakagitara. may kalyo na mga daliri ko, nahihirapan na ko kumapa ng pulso saka ng ugat ng mga pasyente ko na kailangan kuhanan ng dugo. hehe…

  8. hola markku! hindi ko alam pano ko napunta dito. i was actually reading one of the mainframe manuals here in the office. tapos biglang eto na binabasa ko..

    don’t worry, after the christmas season you’ll get bigger. ehehhehe

  9. hi markku 🙂 tumutugtog pa pala kayo, bat di kayo nang-iimbita? 🙂 if you’re ever interested in making an mtv, we’ve started a production companym contact nyo lang ko… pa-hi kay jonas 🙂

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