Note: The service in question is Hane.PH!, with the URL www.hane.ph, which I find very catchy. From its homepage and title tags, its supposed to be a “Philippine business directory, built to build your business online.” Unfortunately, all it has right now is a homepage linked to sections that return an HTTP 404 status message, and a weblog that has been the point of conflict in this entry. Read on for more.

If you’ve been reading my blog since this morning, you would’ve noticed I’ve been engaged in active discussion in my previous entry, though a rather unintellectual one. Last night, I criticized the site Hane.PH! for attacking pinoy bloggers, suggesting that the Filipino blogosphere is filled with self–centered personalities. I take offense for such a baseless generalization. And even if the author had basis, to collectively label every pinoy weblog in a negative way is simply unacceptable.

If you’d take time to read the comments on my entry as well as his, I clearly stated the specific issues that should be addressed. Specifically, I mentioned two important issues: the generalization on pinoy bloggers, and his taking offense for everyone’s refusal to link to his still non–existent site. You can’t expect people to review a service based solely on hype and a promise, right?

Unfortunately, he has stooped down to personal attacks rather than discussing what I’ve pointed out. And on his recent entry, he has resorted to cursing to make himself feel better:

unbelievable.. very unbelievable.. you know what, youre right, no point having a discussion with someone who refuses to listen nor address the relevant issues.. as for me, i still have a website to finish to help Pinoy SMEs bring their businesses online.. too good to be true, i know, but i have done it before, and i am gonna do it again, Pinoy Style this time.. and no freakin f*ckin fortune teller like you who judge people (anti blogger) and their work (spam masquerading business directory) can stop me from doing what i love to help other business aspiring people around me by telling me your useless sh*ts and craps okay..? if you are going to criticize my work thru your stupid, nonsense blog, fine, for all i care alright..?

now move along, obviously you are just wasting my time and my godd*mn bandwith..

Sad. I take much offense in his tirade calling rebelpixel productions a “stupid, nonsense blog”, and I’m sure many others would disagree with his conclusion. It’s disappointing that in his supposed vision of putting Filipino SMEs online, he has to insult other people. If I were a small local company trying to establish my online presence, I’d think twice about putting my company’s name and fate in his hands. In fact, I’d rather build my own site, developed by local web developers, hosted by Filipino web hosting companies. I personally do not know this person, but based on his actions I know enough that I wouldn’t do business with him professionally. And based on his most recent comment, he certainly bought his way to pinoy blogging hell. I really think he just did.

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  1. The fact that his so-called argument was reduced to nothing but slurs regarding your blog and personality says it all.

    I give the concession that everyone has a right to his/her opinion, but there’s also another thing called proper wording. Your first comment was non-flammatory and was poorly handled by him.

    Re: Filipino bloggers – Filipino bloggers are just like all the other bloggers of different nationalities. There’s a lot of crap, but there are fantastic reads, too.

    Ah well, maybe this is another case of narrow minds end up with hasty generalizations.

  2. Thanks Amanda, it is nice to hear from another soul who sees things fairly. 😉 I know I’ve had my share in making this thing worse than it should be, but I think resorting to cursing and personal attacks is simply unacceptable.

    I guess this is better left as it is now, and let’s just all look forward to iBlog2. 🙂

  3. im seriously considering going to that summit.. seriously.. if i am really serious about what i want to achieve with Hane.PH!, i should shed some skin and show my support to the Pinoy Blogosphere, to straighten out this matter and to establish once and for all that i do not have anything against bloggers in general, especially Pinoy Bloggers..

  4. Never thought it would go this far markku.

    I initially didn’t give a damn on your previous entry but seeing that you followed it up, means something peeved someone.

    It’s a no-brainer really, 6-7 years worth of blogging against 2 days of existence. Hands down, you have the respect of the pinoy bloggers. It’s not worth it.

  5. AJ, Joachim, thanks for the support guys. It never should’ve reached this level. It was unintellectually childish in the beginning, but the argument took a serious dive when cursing came into the picture.

    wrencelot, if you want to be there then by all means go. No one is stopping you, and it’s nice to hear you intend to show support for Filipino bloggers. But that doesn’t change anything, you’ve gone cursing someone who responded to your statements that seemed to generalize too much. You should’ve given some thought before actually executing your actions.

  6. Wrencelot, it would be a good idea for you to go to the blogging summit. You’ll be able to meet a lot of good bloggers there. I know I did during the last summit. Maybe it’ll clear up your misconceptions of Filipino bloggers.

  7. actually markku, if you just happen to be at another site of Yuga, PINOYTECHBLOG, you will know that i am a deep admirer of pinoy bloggers.. i am not ashamed that i cursed you.. you keep provoking me, i snap, a classic example of cause and effect, youre a chemist, you know that..

    joachim, thanks for the time for stopping by at my friendsters blog.. i kinda outgrew it coz ive realized i have other better things to do but to blog about myself.. with myspace, uhmmmmm, dsnt ring any bell..

    amanda, i bet you do and ill try.. i work at night (call center thing) and the summit is morning time.. i read about the summit at PINOYTECHBLOG like more than a week ago and i havent started blogging for Hane.PH! back then but i already expressed my intention to come to the summit.. link here: http://www.pinoytechblog.com/archives/philippine-blogging-summit-this-april-18th#comment-4811

  8. wrencelot, if you’re telling me it’s perfectly okay to curse at me for my opinion regarding your service, just stay away from my weblog. If you feel no shame for what you did, I’ll make sure everyone knows about it.

    There was no provocation, but rather issues that should’ve been addressed right from your very first reply. I did not post those queries for you to curse or launch personal attacks. Don’t bother replying, I don’t really care. And if you do, any hint of cynicism in your comment will get it deleted. Move on, I have better things to do.

  9. yes i am not ashame.. i have a flaw and that is what keeps me human.. you know what, i encourage you to do it, make everyone knows what i did.. but i bet you wont because i believe you when you said that you have other better things to do.. but if you still will, maybe someday, i might send you a thank you note and a bag of goodies for doing so, courtesy of sponsors of Hane.PH!

  10. wow, nice grammers pre (l* s******a ka no? ANIMO!!!!)… hehehehe… dooods deyns mo alams na theres are many lots op blaggers riding dis posts… espeysyali di blagers in da cooles rebelmedia groufs…

    you are definitely digging your bitch ass site’s grave. kung ako sayo, manood ka na lang ng “gulong ng palad”…

    kahit anong gawin mo talo ka sa situation na ito… i guess you lack the experience to know that.


    (this comment has been edited by the site owner)

  11. wrencelot, dude I said drop it. Stay away from my weblog and let’s all do what we should be doing. As for you, continue building what you really intend to build and prove us wrong. Please stop taking this personally or one day you just might regret it.

    Don’t give me a lecture on human behavior and all that, I don’t need that.

    Good luck to you. One more stupid comment and you better not identify yourself at iBlog2.

  12. hihihi, i recommend everyone to take his pic… his name is joe ren mendoza… keep a look out for him, email me a pic of him para i can blog about him too.

    iblog2 is gonna be soooo much fun.

  13. Okay, as annoying this situation might be, I think a lynching mob would be overdoing it. Besides, the more of a ruckus raised, the more attention he gets. I agree with Markku re: just dropping the whole thing.

    Just my 2 centavos.

  14. Kim, I really hope he clears his act soon enough before things get uglier for him and his supposed site. He really should realize that burning bridges isn’t a good way to get noticed, both online and in real life. Clueless kid.

    Now let’s go back to regular programming. 🙂

  15. siguro this will be my one serious post… and my last one na rin. Tol, ano sa tingin mo ang mas magandang bilhin ko… Canon 85mm f1.8 or Canon 85mm f1.2 L (FD mount manual)?

  16. Kim, I’m a huge fan of the 85mm f/1.8, saka mahirap yata gamitin yung f/1.2 tapos manual focus pa. Try mo muna yung 1.2 kung pwede, tapos kung mukhang kaya mo naman magamit at properly pati na rin yung presyo, go! 🙂

  17. my co-worker at work has a 85mm f1.8 ok din, siguro helios na lang muna, next year sa tax return ko bibili na lang ng 85mm f1.2. 😀 o yan, naiba na tuloy usapan.

  18. Markku, you made efforts to give your say. And all, including this wrencelot guy’s entries and comments, along with your own thoughts, are in the name of opinions.

    If something went wrong and you think he may be at fault, then just let him go. Clearly you know, and are way more capable than your, let’s just say, opponent for lack of a better term.

  19. mjerome, thanks for sharing your thoughts on this. I’ve already given up on this topic and there’s nothing much to discuss really. I closed the earlier entry since there was no need to keep the conversation going.

    I’d rather write about other things. 🙂

  20. wrencelot is a horny perverted loser, who lives on his room, wanking his pecker all night while downloading porn. He has some issues man, but we are all here to help him. that poor soul

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  23. One troll site coming up at crankypinoy dot com which is linked to hane dot ph. Mathematical calculations needs to be done though… probably not. ewan…

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