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  • I have a few albums of photos from our recent trip to Banio Kreek Farms in Silang, Cavite. This is the first time our training batch actually did something big, and we’ve been together for almost two years now. Yes it took us this long, so calling the activity a milestone is really an understatement. 😉
  • Another set of photos I recently uploaded were from iBlog2, the Second Philippine Blogging Summit.
  • wp-recent-links has been updated to version 2.04. This update has a few nifty code changes that will make it function much more reliably. If you’ve been having problems with the plugin, you should grab this version.
  • Comment Hilite, the plugin for highlighting noteworthy comments, has been updated to version 1.2 with a new function for counting the highlighted comments. This was provided by Ivan Sagalaev, one of the plugin’s growing number of users.
  • Development on iPAP 1.0 is slowly coming on its own. I’ve been able to implement the changes I’ve long planned, and enhancing functionality. Hopefully in the next few weeks, I’ll be running a stable version on my photos section.

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  1. I just found this site , do you sell your Pictures? You Should , I love this picture , its hard to tell whether its animal , mineral or what ! 🙂

    Im trying to get into Digital Photography and am very interested in Macro Photography , am tips!

    Keep up the Good work!


  2. mark, you used to comment as mjerome, right? 😉 Mahirap mapasama sa core developers ng WordPress. That job would be quite taxing as it involves skills both on the programming and social aspects of application development. But I’m sure the rewards are more than worth it. 😉

    Sparks Flying, that is technically a flower. I haven’t sold my photos commercially, but hoping to get into that soon. 😉

    Do visit regularly as I write more on photography. You might also want to have a look another photography weblog that I have: digital photographer.

  3. New ipap version? OMG! I’ve just recently downloaded ipap and I’m currently working on implementing some tagging functionality – I guess I’ll stop until 1.0 is released 😛

    Great work, leanest and meanest php gallery out here 😛

  4. yep, pano mo nalaman? email o gravatar? 😀

    yup, that was in my mind noong kinomment ko yun 😀 (parang naging german nung tinagalog ko yung comment ah…)

    ewan ko kung confined lang ako sa surfing, pero kakaunti palang yung nakikita kong filipino coders eh.

    whoops, my bad, ikaw lang pala ang nakikita ko 😀

    did you know, your project tungkol yata sa links or comment hilite is @ [palakpakan]

  5. feisar, you can go on with your tagging modifications, as I can’t really promise a release date for iPAP 1.0 right now. But of course I have that planned as well. 😉

    mjerome, I realized that when I visited your site. 😉 There are actually many pinoy coders out there, though not everyone keeps a blog. And yes, I know my plugins are mentioned at wp-recent-links was one of the first few plugins that did something out of the box, and it really started as a hack before the WP plugin architecture was in place.

  6. Just another note of encouragement for ipap. I’m in the middle of the painful search for a flickr where I control my photos, and ipap looks hot. Tags are definitely the key feature.

    Peace, Wingo.

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