Comments are back

Joachim emailed me that he couldn’t leave a comment on my site for some unexplained reason. Form submission ends with a white blank page. So I took a look at my comments template and there it was, a stupid coding oversight left when I upgraded my site and templates to WordPress 2. Comments should be back now. 🙂

The WP2 upgrade for all my blogs was one huge mistake. Just several days after upgrading, Dreamhost had to move me to an evaluation server because of extremely high CPU usage. Without WP-Cache, WordPress was taxing the servers redundantly that I was using more than ten times the resources allocated for my account.

I managed to revert my blogs to WP-1.5.2 using this life–saving downgrade script. As of writing, only this weblog remains on WP-2.0.2, and the others on the stable 1.5.2 release. Because of this, I plan to keep an internal WordPress version updated to contain relevant patches to make it work with WP2–specific themes and plugins. I hope WordPess’s next major release addresses important concerns from its long–time users.

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  1. That entry you wrote on the iBlog event… I tried commenting there for four consecutive days and just finally gave up. I thought it was just my internet acting up. lol.

  2. Amanda, sorry about that, hehe. 😉 I never checked the comments system after the upgrade, I didn’t realize returning commenters (those that had the WP comment cookie) were submitting incomplete forms thus preventing them from successfully leaving a comment. I’ve been wondering for some time now why people were no longer commenting, haha. 🙂

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