The depression sessions

I just realized I’ve been posting mp3 music to this weblog for some time now, probably entirely from my band’s various jam sessions. Though I prefer to share a set of songs all from the same session, this time I have a few from a span of a few days. In these four songs, it’s just me playing and Jonas singing. Two are recent radio favorites, one recently “famous again” because of the band’s concert here in Manila a few months ago, and the last one from our favorite OPM band, a song we used to play a lot in the studio. Nothing spectacular, we’re just having fun despite the session’s codename.

  1. Bad Day (Original by Daniel Powter, made popular by American Idol 5)
  2. Collide (Original by Howie Day. As a side note, I shot a wedding that used this song for their reception. Funny?)
  3. Light And Shade (A remastered version of the Fra Lippo Lippi original we covered recently.)
  4. Back 2 Me (From the Eraserheads’s Cutterpillow, my second best e–heads album, next only to Circus.)

Enjoy the music.

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