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Abe's soon to be home.

  • Jayvee taking a shot.
  • Abe taking a shot.
  • Rico helping me prepare for our next shot.
  • Jayvee.
  • Rico and Jayvee.
  • Abe.
  • Me - I can't stop giggling! Hahaha.

In typical fashion, I’m late. Rico [that’s a PR6 link, bro] just wrote about our trip to Tagaytay last Saturday and both Abe and Jayvee posted on the topic earlier today. Since all four of us were male bloggers, we decided to call ourselves “Band of Bloggers.” Discussion ranged from blogging to other forms of geek talk, and even mushy girly stuff. Hahaha. This will likely be a monthly thing considering the trend in recent months, but beware — there is a tradition that we plan to strictly observe. Clue: it involves your monthly adsense/problogging check.

As you can see, we had so much fun taking photos we could’ve called it a flickr meetup. We dropped by the Crown Asia area on our way down from Tagaytay, planning to take photos hollywood–style. We ended up talking to an agent and dreaming of a problogger/IT community in the said village, problogging and/or telecommuting daily without the need for everyday Manila. Impossible? Big dreams? A friend from high school used to tell me, “dream big, so if you fall short you’re not that far from your goals.” Might make sense someday, somehow.

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  1. Wow, ang deep mo pare, so profound… hehehe. 😉 But seriously, parang masarap talaga tumira dun ha, lalo na kung gawan na ng MRT/LRT that goes all the way to the south.

  2. by! gikan pud mi tagaytay kahapon, the crown asia sign looks like a dwarf hollywood sign medyo weird pero nice. oi isama mo naman ako sa moneymaking scheme! i badly need a camera na by!

  3. jobarclix, the development where they have that sign is actually called “crown asia hollywood,” according to the agent. The similarity was intentional, though it would have been more effective if they placed it in an elevated position.

    jayvee, you now have three? Cool. One word (three?): TLA. 😉

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