Left: Anne, Right: Anne with Barbie

I’m just too overloaded with work and other things right now that I could hardly keep my weblogs running. It’s nice that if I couldn’t write, I think I can get away with a few links and some photos. I’m lucky enough to have a handful of eager models; Anne gamely posed with Barbie on a lazy Saturday afternoon. I actually have a few more with my other models but I really have to sleep now. 😉

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  1. clair, yep single pa sya pero matanda na. Saka laging galit sa kapwa aso, mataray kasi. 😉 Hehehe.

    leia, syempre! 🙂 Minsan ipo-post ko nga yung swimsuit photos nyo… Hehehe. 😛

  2. She can’t be that old… Right? My dog is around 4 years old na at wala pa ding girlfriend… Uhm, physically speaking he has found it difficult to find a mate. He’s quite short compared to the dogs here. Looks like Barbie is kinda small too. Baka pwede hahaha XD Gwapo naman si Panda at mabait hahaha (ibenta daw ba~).

  3. tsk tsk ikaw ata dahilan, masyado ka atang strikto! 😀 wawa naman si barbie, she’ll die a doggy virgin 😀 hehehe

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