Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

Gail has been teasing me that I’d probably be the last to write about our trip to the 11th International Philippine Hot Air Balloon Fiesta so as not to disappoint, I let everyone blog ahead of me. Believe me! 🙂

Photographers and spectators waiting for the balloons to fly.

Upon arrival at the airfield, I was overwhelmed by the number of digital SLRs mounted on tripods scattered all over the area. To say 80% of all cameras present were DSLRs is a conservative estimate. I felt like not shooting at all, though having driven that far without sleep, I know I should at least go home with a few keepers. So I started snapping.

A different flag ceremony.

It took some time before the balloons were actually airborne, so I just used the lull to shoot other photographers and spectators.

Sasha, Rico, and Joey.

As the sun rose above the horizon, the first few balloons started to fly and move away from the rest of the pack.


Soon after, everyone was up in the air and the crowd was busy snapping more photos as the hot air balloons flew away.

Hotair balloons finally flying!

The whole event wasn’t exactly as good as I expected it to be, though I guess it’s still nice enough to go to every year. We didn’t bother waiting for the afternoon events, Rico was asleep before we were done with our morning shooting and Marc was visibly tired as we had brunch. Abe, on the other hand, still had the energy to drive and (wrongly) lead us around the area looking for the lunch spot Anton suggested.

Jayvee enjoyed his lightsphere so much that he was shooting with it in the open field. 😉 As expected, Sasha was all smiles while gamely posing and shooting with her new 400D. Joey was also busy with his 350D while occasionally posing for us and Gail, though sleepless since the evening before, was still her usual bubbly self. 🙂

The little race on our drive home was fun before traffic began to clog. I was mechanically limited and unable to catch up with Rico and Marc (driving Abe’s car) in the open road, though hopefully next year I’ll be riding a faster set of wheels. 😉 Next year ulit! By the way, here’s my full album of photos from the event and if you’re on multiply, you can browse the same set and leave comments.

Ballons a-flying!

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  1. Wonderful pics master. Simply beautiful. Especially the pic of silhouettes.

    I must say though, both Abe’s and your car were belching smoke. 😮

  2. Thanks Rico, but I’m no longer your master. I don’t have your pants, it must be with Sasha? Hahaha.

    I have a perfect excuse for the smoke — I was driving an 11-year-old diesel at top gear, at mechanical max speed. Hehehe. Abe’s Lancer shouldn’t do that though, unless it’s long overdue for an oil change.

    It was fun slipstreaming behind big buses and AUVs/SUVs! 😀

  3. Huwaw. Ang saya naman! 🙂 The hot air balloons look so beautiful floating in the air all at once. Sana nandun din ako.. May bayad ba? wahehehe! baka pwede next year. 😀

  4. May entrance, 100 per head. Yes ang saya tignan nung nagliparan na silang lahat, though unfortunately pagod at antok na ko sobra nung time na yun. Hehe.

    Next year mag blogger meetup tayo dun! Haha. 🙂

  6. oy rico wag mo inaasar auto nyan! bago ata mag wheels nya! wehehehe pogi ng mags mo dude 😀

    favorite ko yung unang pic 🙂

    uyyyy markku didn’t disappoint me hahaha gawin rin ba kong excuse? 😆

  7. If Abe is the godfather of philippine blogging, then Markku is the grandmaster of pinoy photo-bloggers with canon digital SLRs… but rookie Sasha is on her way to out-“shoot” everyone who comes in her way!!! watch out!!!

  8. @jobarclix: sure bai, no problem. Fave pud na nako ang flag pic.

    @Gail: Mauuna talaga dapat ako mag-post, nahiya lang ako sa inyo. Hehehe.

    @Marcvill: Sobrang hype naman yan pre, hahaha! 🙂

    @ajay: Thanks! 🙂

  9. i love your photography! the man in parachute with the Philippine flag is really nice…would be also suitable Independence Day or Centenial celebrations..

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