The 2007 Philippine Blog Awards

This one’s for real. Recognizing the best Filipino weblogs that continue to provide engaging content to its readers, this will be the very first to honor those that excel not just in the local but worldwide scene of independently published weblogs. Uniquely, the whole event will be blogger–powered and not a PR event of some local media outfit masquerading as a legitimate authority in the field of web design. Yeah, you know what I’m talking about. Nominate your favorite pinoy weblogs now!

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  1. Kuya! Pasensya na di ako nakaka-reply dun sa iba mong comment. >__>;;

    BTW, ang ganda nung layout ng Philblog awards na website! Daming nominees sa personal pa lang. >D

  2. @Angela: Hahaha, oks lang yun, mukhang sobrang busy mo na ngayon eh. 😉 Yes ganda nung layout, gawa ni Gail yan! 🙂 Dami talaga nominees, sobra dami na magaling na local bloggers.

    @seav: Hahaha, sana nga! I should release a special version for the blog awards. 😉

  3. benj, wow that’s flattering to hear! 🙂 Seriously though, I’m not too optimistic about that with all the good blog designs available. We’ll see. Everything will be in good fun! See you at the PBA. 🙂


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