This is the archive page for February 2008


For the past two entries I’ve been hinting on a life–changing experience concerning our recent trip to Batanes. I wanted a creative narrative of the events; unfortunately there might be no way to completely re–tell our story. K-THOS (Karl, The Hero of Sabtang) though has a real and heartfelt account of what transpired. And who […]


I was somehow doubtful if I would be able to write this, and the fact that you’re reading this only means I’m alive. This week’s lesson: what God has given, God can take away. Anytime He wishes. Embrace life to the fullest.

Renaissance of Philippine Cinema

Auraeus left a comment on my post about his movie Pisay, I think is worth sharing with everyone: “Pisay is a beautiful film, simple and sophisticated, direct and campy, one that gets better and better as it goes along. From the evidence gathered, the praise is valid for Filipino cinema as a whole, which is […]

Why an Asus Eee PC?

Though I’ve always wanted to buy a MacBook, it was hard to resist getting an Asus Eee PC considering its relatively low price. Since I have another laptop, the Eee’s supposed to fit well into my system: a primary laptop for photo editing and heavy work, with the Eee for mobile computing and simple show–and–tell […]