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Review: Nokia N82

The Nokia N82 is one of Nokia’s most hyped phone in recent months. It’s not exactly new, it was announced last year though the local (and regional) campaign promoting this model is still in full swing, called Nokia Nseries Soul of the Night. I’m sure you’ve seen or heard about the campaign as it’s almost […]

Why an Asus Eee PC?

Though I’ve always wanted to buy a MacBook, it was hard to resist getting an Asus Eee PC considering its relatively low price. Since I have another laptop, the Eee’s supposed to fit well into my system: a primary laptop for photo editing and heavy work, with the Eee for mobile computing and simple show–and–tell […]

Backup, backup!

Last week we finally got a DVD–writer for our home PC after years (and probably hundreds of CDs) of burning with my 12X LiteOn 12101B CD–writer. We bought a 16X DVD+/-RW, the LiteOn SOHW-1673S announced not too long ago and discussed quite actively. This drive is closely related to the 1653S and the 1633S, both […]

Apple Powermac G5

It would be so cool to be using one of these, if only I know how to erase a rewritable disc in OS X. Tried out the G4 at the office, learned that I will always be Bill Gates’ cash–daddy. If you plan to get the G5, be sure to read some interesting thoughts on […]