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  1. Wow, ang dami pala natin! The second one looks nice 🙂

    Hehe. Medyo kinabahan ako nung tumungtong ka sa upuan, but I guess you’re used to doing stuff like that for the sake of photography. Haha!

    Thanks for posting this! 🙂

  2. @aileen: Inaangkin ko na ang trabaho ng class picture every year, hehe. Nice seeing you there too!

    @Janette: You’re welcome. 😉

    @Juned: Hehehe, almost impressed ka dyan manong… 😛

    @Sarah: Yeah, ang dami! Well, medyo safe naman yung upuan; anything for the shot! 🙂

    @Mikko: Next year remote natin gagawin lahat, haha! I wish.

    @Ade: Maybe you were really buggering her or something? 😛

    @Micamyx: Actually magandang idea nga yang yearbook na yan. 😉

    @AJ: Yep, 10-22. UWA. 🙂

  3. Another successful event for bloggers!

    Thank you very much for stopping by my exhibit last monday. Really appreciate it.

  4. Naisip ko lang last night: What if gumawa tayo ng parang photo book wherein the bloggers will be portraying different characters? hehe wala lang naisip ko lang yun nung nakita ko yung post ni FunnySexy na may different pics nya hehe :p

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