Lifehouse in Manila

Lifehouse in Manila [1]

The first time we knew about Lifehouse’s concert here in Manila, Hana was instantly disappointed as it’s on the same date as my mother’s birthday. She wanted to watch it so badly that she even blogged about it. (It’s a rarity for both of us these days.)

Lifehouse in Manila [2]

When Aileen’s sweetie messaged me if we wanted to cover the band’s CD signing/presscon, we thought it was gonna be a good enough compromise if we were to miss the concert. I never thought Lifehouse had a huge fanbase locally but I was surprised to see the Mall of Asia main atrium filled with the young and the not–so–young crowd. With a turnout that big, we just felt we had to be in the concert the following day!

Lifehouse in Manila [3]

Lifehouse in Manila [4]

So we did go to the concert after all, sneaking out of the house in the middle of my mom’s party. We got the cheapest tickets (damn gas prices voids all leisure spendings) but still enjoyed the music of Lifehouse nonetheless, just as much as everyone else. Or I’d like to see it that way.

Lifehouse in Manila [5]

I managed to record some songs with my phone; I’m sharing it here just in case you’d want them. Don’t expect anything magical though, recording quality is passable at best. I didn’t get the chance to shoot the concert, only the CD signing.


Lifehouse in Manila [6]

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  1. weeee! i love them! thanks kay sweetie jay, na-beso beso ko si jason wade! 🙂

    super gastos ko that weekend T_T But it was worth it…kahit medyo bitin yung concert…hehehe 🙂

  2. (re: at the mall) Maybe they were just bloggers as well lurking around just to make sure they have something to blog about….:D

  3. @hana: Wawa naman ng pangga ko, okay lang yun, sulit naman eh! 🙂

    @deuts: So were you lurking in the area at the time of the event? 😉

    @ronnie: Thanks! Nice meeting you at the CD signing. 🙂

  4. We watched the concert too! I wish we could’ve watched in a closer seat, but it’s too darn expensive, and hindi kami ang organizer (sayang haha).

    Oh, and gotta love that Jason picture there. ♥

  5. @Tina: Yeah, mahal ng tickets. Sana mas mura next time. 😉

    @Ira: Okay lang yan, nag-enjoy ka naman sa pinoy dream academy di ba? Hehehe.

    @Marvin: Thanks for dropping by, and thanks for sharing your entry on the same topic. 🙂

    @pao: Well technically, we asked for permission, so they knew we were missing for a few hours, hehehe.

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