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Yes there’s a healthy way of doing hot pot dining, and Healthy Shabu Shabu is the place for you to try it. When I got the SMS invite for the opportunity to try it, I was apprehensive, worried that this might just be one of the few types of food and dining that I may not completely enjoy. Knowing that I have to go through the cooking process myself had me thinking if I should go through a fastfood value meal beforehand just in case I make a mess of my supposed dinner.

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I was completely wrong. A short demo from our waiter/cook/attendant (what do we really call him?) had me tossing ingredients into the pot right away, enjoying every bit of the cooking process. More importantly, the eating part was a joy. The food was great and I couldn’t wait to try it again soon. Worried about the price, I asked and found out that it’s reasonably within the 500–peso range, a good deal considering the amount of food you’ll be eating.

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I almost forgot, I’ve got an album of photos during and after the event.

Update: Entry edited for various grammar school violations. I suck.

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  1. The BLOCK at SM NOrth at the lounge one weekday afternoon while at the lounge we,re planning where to eat,a cute girl name chin told us to try to eat as if we are at home at healthy we have tried at PODIUM,ROCKWELL,Shangrila but the ideal was on the Block to met the girl again

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