Bratpack Bag Giveaway

Bratpack bag giveaway.

Of course you’ve heard of Bratpack the bag shop, right? They carry some of the most popular brands like Jansport, Hedgren, and Timbuk2. This week, they will be opening a new branch in Greenbelt 5 and to coincide with this event, they’ve been running some online promotions. I was fortunate enough to be a part of it, so I’m giving away a free Bratpack bag! 🙂 Now read on to know what to do:

The Bratpack Bag Diaries

Readers may share their unique experiences that they have using their bags.

Their stories may be about the places that they’ve been to with their bags and how useful it was during their trips.

It could also be on how their bags served as their canvass and how it has been an expression for artistic freedom.

Aside from being a travel necessity and an outlet for artistic freedom, it is also a fashion accessory. Readers can also share on how their bags made them comfortable with their chosen styles.

The most unique and interesting answers will be given a Bratpack bag (Jansport, Timbuktu and Hedgren).

All you’ve got to do is leave a comment with your bag story, that’s it. The best story wins a bag. It doesn’t have to be as long as a novel, it just has to be worth every word. 😉 Considering the fact that I could count my readers with the fingers on my hands, your chances of winning wouldn’t be so bad.

You have two days until Friday (November 14) before we pick a winner. Now go on and comment. 🙂

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  1. Here is a quick true story for you.I was hit by a mini van and fell on my bag which protected my hip from being broken.The compact mirror inside my bag was crushed and the glass looked like powder so I know I would have been hurt much worse if I had not fallen on my bag.Crazy,but true.

  2. Bags for me are like jeans. You have that one pair of favorite jeans that you always wear even though you have other pairs to choose from.
    I have this Montanara knapsack since 2nd year college. It has traveled more than me. It has been in Baguio, Cebu, Batangas, Laguna, Marikina, UP, Bohol, Zamboanga, Singapore, Sydney, Canberra and New Zealand. It survived all kinds of weather and wear and tear.
    The bag is with Pen now (still usable!) in Sydney to stand in for me when she misses me. 😉

  3. I have an invisible string of attachment with my bag. I feel naked without it. Regardless of what it carries for the day, may it be a bunch of CDs and extra clothings, or simply a plain umbrella to protect me from a threatening rain, I just can’t leave my place without it.

    Words don’t seem to be enough to explain the bond between me and my backpack. It’s like a perfect curve for an incomplete contour. It’s like an ideal lighting for an expecting silhouette. It’s like a faultless configuration for one’s crowning feature. I may run out of metaphors to describe my relationship with my bag, but I will never run out of reasons to carry it with me.

  4. i don’t know if this qualifies 🙂 i had one of those rattan-weaved knapsack way back in high school. i’m really not sure what’s it called, sorry. the shape looks like a small oval trash can with a cover that resembles a navy cap. it has a funky smell because of the thick wood varnish. i bought it in baguio during one of my dad’s annual class reunion-pilgrimage to PMA. it was the “astig” bag then. on just my second day of use–during my first class for the day–i took my binder out and comes out a cockroach. all i remember are the resounding shrieks in class haha. i guess the bug got attracted to the smell of the bag. i bought a regular green and black khumbmella bag the following month.

  5. The first bag I bought was an Outdoor Products backpack.

    I was only 13 then and buying a branded bag at that age with your own money seemed like a luxury. But I was told that this kind of bag is worth every peso because of it’s quality.

    I used it every single day in high school to carry all my books because I barely used my locker. There was a sense of security knowing that I have everything I needed with me.

    When I entered college I started bringing my laptop and my backpack had a compartment for it. It was always reliable, especially with the bottom padding which served as protection. And even on my out of town trips, it was the only bag I would prefer to use. I always knew my things would be safe in it.

    Then I started going out of the country. To the U.S., Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia, my Outdoor bag is always with me. It was the perfect travel companion, next to my camera and iPod.

    I’m now 25 my bag is still alive and kicking. In fact, I still use it to go to work everyday.

    That’s 12 years. Twelve LONG years. Probably the longest relationship I would ever have with anything or anybody. I doubt an LV could last that long.

  6. Me and My Backpack, a 7-year old boy’s story as told to his mom…

    Everyday I bring a backpack to school. I don’t really need to because I have a big stroller bag, but I still do.

    I wait for my mom to pick me up after school. She says she cannot park if she goes there early so she picks me up at least thirty minutes after the bell rings… if it rains it usually takes her a lot longer. This is the time I open my backpack and get my snacks and drinks. I also stash books I borrow from the library in my backpack so I have something to read. I also put my wallet in my backpack so I can buy food or drink from the canteen in case my baon runs out. My backpack is my friend, it holds everything I need until my mom comes to get me. It keeps me company while I wait, and I can’t imagine being without it.

    I love my backpack, even now that it’s a little worn I wouldn’t exchange it for any other bag in the world.

    Kenshin Lei, 7 years old — as told to Rowena Wendy Lei


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