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Manual Magazine (December 2008)

Pardon the narcissistic self–promotion, but if you pass by a magazine stand please do buy Manual Magazine‘s December 2008 issue, dubbed “the Blog Issue.” I’m there with Coy, Regnard, and Mike. Well if we’re going to be technical about it, it’s more like one–third of me is there, since my photo’s artistically cropped leaving just a slice of my face.

There would’ve a handful of features on different bloggers but the other stories did not make it to print.

It also has articles written by RJ, Rico, and Jayvee, so there’s a lot more to it and not just the gorgeous pictures. 😛

(Coy pahiram nung pic ha.)

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  1. ahahaha, i don’t think it’s 1/3 of you…probably 1/5 :p
    let’s buy a copy before it’s gone 🙂

    btw, sipag mo magpost lately ha 🙂

    • Ay 1/5 lang ba yun? 🙁 Dapat yung page lang na yun ang bilhin natin, hehehe. Discounted dapat, hindi full portrait eh. 😉

  2. I’ve always liked cropped shots of faces, it makes the person all the more interesting, imo. =) Congratulations, dude!

    • Thanks!

      I do agree how cropping can make for a more “artsy” look, but 20% of my face on print is hardly recognizable! Hahaha. I just can’t stop laughing about the fact that I’m actually in a magazine. 😉

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