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I was planning to blog today when my plans suddenly changed the minute I started playing Plants vs. Zombies. I’ve been holding off on this craze for a few months but finally gave in to the temptation after watching my sister play through most of it. But before the zombies eat my brain, I think I’d use it first and write this blog entry. (I had to stop, I just lost the game at an embarrasingly early level.)

As you may already know, the microblogging zombies have been abuzz with the latest craze: Google Buzz. Basically, it’s twitter without the hype and with better functionality. For starters, it has comments. And you can upload photos. Things that would have made twitter better if they integrated such features into it.

Buzz also has something that doesn’t come with twitter: connected sites. Utilizing their Social Graph API, it allows you to connect your identities from across the web to your Google Buzz profile, essentially pushing whatever content you generate to all your fans and followers. I was initially dumbfounded though when I noticed that this blog ( wasn’t listed under my profile though my other sites were. The solution was much simpler than I thought.

Google Webmaster Tools

Signing into Google Webmaster Tools, you can add your site to your profile and after verifying ownership through a <meta> tag or a hash–named html file uploaded to your server, it will be listed for use on Buzz’s connected sites:

Google Buzz Connected SItes.

Don’t forget to save your changes to your profile, the button’s positioned not quite intuitively at the bottom of the page. Now everytime you write something on your blog, your Buzz followers will hear about it.

Now I’m back to waging war against the zombies.

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    • You can set Buzz to aggregate your twitter account along with your blogs; that lets you push your content without exerting extra effort to create material for it.

      Thanks dude, I’ll be needing all luck I can have. Hehe.

  1. I also had the same issue with my blog not being listed on my Google profile. I did the same thing you did with the social graph API and the meta tag but had to wait for a couple hours before it worked.

    I’m also currently hooked to Plants vs Zombies and been playing it the past few days on my iPhone. I plan to publish a Plants vs Zombies guide or tips & tricks post. Hehe

    • In my case, using the meta tag worked almost instantly.

      Now that Plants vs. Zombies tips and tricks story would be really popular!

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